but compared to the traditional craft supplies,

"Wiki weapon" had people with a free 3D printing firearms design, but a 3D print of AR-15 assault rifle was in the sixth when launching bullets broke in two. Laser into the (light into the store) shape technology biggest problem is thermal stress. Materials when subjected to laser irradiation temperatures up to over 2000 degrees, remove the laser after dropping to below 200 degrees. Material withstand such a large temperature difference, there will be cracking or deformation. So not only is a 3D printing technology, it is also about the material. International top 3D printing materials up to one kilogram cost tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands. Shanghai New Workshop founder David Lee believes that if carefully deployment for 3D printing materials and traditional materials can get the same  air max classic bw performance. 3D printing has been applied to titanium aircraft, the cost of a kilogram of hundreds of thousands, but compared to the traditional craft supplies,

titanium lost the least. David Lee said, "the performance of the material can be transferred is good enough, as long as the money on the line." Nike print material deployment work began five years ago, and they will gather together a group of materials scientists, how to mix a variety of materials research , deployment together. Shoe material itself has a lot of stress, "Vapor Laser Talon" soles air max 90 hyperfuse  nylon-based material, and mixed with durability, toughness, lightweight formula, multiple chemical experiments. Nike idea about 3D printing has passed inspection, Bignell frankly, in the comfort, breathability and sweat in the direction of the material, the designers also need to constantly experiment. With advances in how to celebrate every time? "We'll have a beer, relax,

and then immediately start the next job, the job is not over yet." Bignell on the "Global Entrepreneur" said. Now, wearing a Nike "Vapor Laser Talon" rookie who achieved good results. According to figures disclosed by Nike in the year before the NFL's 10 sprint 40 yards, seven individuals dress is their new products. Jinjiang sports brand Xtep traced recently caught "Wages door." As the only one not publicly expressed concern for the well-known sports brand shop Xtep closed shop last year began. Shortly afterwards, the first decline since last year also Xtep net profit from the market. When the country suffered a widespread decline in performance sports brand, closed shop tide of the industry crisis, started by imitating Jinjiang sports brand has begun to get involved in children's wear market

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