Two Hearts Beating Together In The Night,
Beating As One Until The Morning Light,
Gazing Into Each Other’s Eyes, So Deep,
Magic Words Spoken, Words Of Love So Unique,
Softly They Speak, So Full Of Desire,
Melting Her Heart, So Hot Is This Fire,
Dreams Of A Life Together,
Of Love That Will Last Forever,
Thoughts Of This Special Day,
A Few Hours Ago, For They Were Married On This Date,
Butterfly Dreams For This Bride,
Hear Her Heart Beat, It’s A Special Night,
Across The Doorway,
He Carried Her In His Arms,
Words Said Of Love, So Full Of Charm,
To This Room Full Of Candlelight, On Ice Is Champagne,
A Room Full Of Desire,
In The Fireplace Burns A Fire,
Carefully Laying Her Down In Bed, Music So Softly Plays,
The End Of A Perfect Day,
For Tonight, Butterfly Dreams Become Reality…

©2009 C Harasemchuk

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