Balance Po mentioned, we may think of "financial", the returns the steady at between 4% and 5%, the financing channel is monetary fund products, however, LV Samsung Galaxy S5 Cases
in fact, there are more intelligent fund products "money in private banking".Money in personal finance and is the most important difference between the former two can do private custom, in foreign countries, this way is called automation services, also called fund portfolio.
money View private financial redeeming feature is to use the data model, Chanel Samsung Galaxy S5 Cases completely can according to the personal financial situation and risk tolerance and tailored to suit their own financial plans, strengthening earnings forecast.Bull market returns of high gain, bear market can resist the investment risk.For example: you can build a lucky money account for children;Build a pension accounts for the parents, Louis Vuitton Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Cases or to set a goal for themselves, travel to Paris next year and so on.
Financial balance of personal finance and the financial function of treasure have why to distinguish?
1, money in personal finance "cash" account and balance the treasure account function is the same, you can at ordinary times unused extra money on a "cash" or "balance".Money can be stable in value.Both investment starting point for only 1 yuan,CHANEL SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 4 CASES is the first choice for "allowance" financial management tools.
2, money in personal finance "cash" account QiRi annualized yield 5.1080%;Balance treasure QiRi annualized yield of 4.4460%.
3, money in personal finance "cash" and "balance" account support T + 0 to account, usually can be delivered within 2 hours.
Cash money in personal finance "treasure" financial management interface

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