In the face of woman scolded, guards were helpless ask its "families have no?"The woman immediately took the words, "call my family."Found themselves,Foakleys ignored women's embarrassment to sort out the clothes, said "I was a little drink today."
At the end of the video, Fake Oakleys the woman towards the woman to the ground again nonsense spoke a few words.
Woman in a coma The attacker's family out of mental disability identification
On the scene, Knockoff Oakley Sunglasses a security guard, said the woman was then came to the area with police, while being beaten woman was taken to a nearby Chinese university's four yuan.
In the emergency department of a hospital, battered woman is still in a coma.Is beside the sickbed accompanying her daughter Ms. Shaw, mother surnamed hu, the 68 - year - old, at ordinary times is honest.In the afternoon, hu woman and two other old neighbor went to the supermarket shopping together,Cheap Fake Oakleys unexpectedly were beaten.
At 4 PM, uncle hu woman wife shaw clutched her family rushed to the hospital, seeing his wife face is blood, uncle shaw falling tears on the spot.Ms. Shaw, father's legs, all by mother to take care of at ordinary times, this mother lives under the court, his only brother and shifts take time off to care for the old couple.

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