The autumn wind, let many people found that wearing contact lenses also like the skin becomes dry eyes.More than 16, the reporter visited haicheng county hospital ophthalmology found that since the autumn, the number of patients with dry eyes significantly increased, about half of all patients with dry eyes is a contact lens wearer."Autumn weather is dry, accelerate the evaporation of the tears."Haicheng county central hospital of ophthalmology, said li,Foakleys director of the fall of patients with dry eyes very much, especially long-term wear contact lenses and workers at the computer for a long time.Director li said that the reasons for the formation of dry eyes with environmental factors, such as the weather is windy and dry, blow air conditioning for a long time, accelerate the evaporation of tear;Lifestyle factors, such as not washing hands after rubbing your eyes, wear contact lenses is health, easy to make hand bacteria enter the eye;At present, causing dry eyes is common factors, long-term wearing contact lenses to use the computer, watch TV, watch a computer screen for a long time, blink less, corneal cannot fully moisten, thus make the dry eyes.
Why contact lens wearer in the fall and winter are more likely to suffer from dry eyes?Director li said that the ordinary people of the corneal surface covered a layer of tears, after wearing contact lenses, in addition to the surface of the cornea,Fake Oakleys lens and surface also needs - coverage, increased the demand for the amount of tears.At the same time, because the majority of the wearer is using a soft hydrophilic contact lenses, lens material itself has the water absorbability, therefore more prone to the symptoms of dry eye.
Director li said, xeroma patients first, generally appear there is foreign body sensation, photophobia, see the wind watery eyes wait for a symptom, not directly embodied in "dry eye dry eye symptoms.Like a lot of people who wear contact lenses all the year round, face the eye problems are used to the dry eye astringent, Knockoff Oakley Sunglasses very not value, the vast majority is to take "self heal", such as eye drops, replace the high water content, the lens more thin lenses to alleviate symptoms of this kind, actually these practices are not correct.In fact, the higher the water content of the lens, also takes the more moisture, and thin lens, the early wear will be comfortable, but due to the thin lens, the tears also easy to evaporate.If not treated promptly, the eyes now dry, sore eyes, blurred vision, such as discomfort, could trigger inflammation, severe cases can cause eyesight drops apparently.
Contact lens wearer, Cheap Fake Oakleys therefore, don't buy contact lenses, have to go to normal hospital test, tear secretion, as well as to determine the suitable types of lens wear.Especially in autumn winter season, the wearer once appear, eye symptoms, must be timely medical treatment.

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