Zhejiang glasses urban construction in October 1993, is located in taizhou linhai city Du Qiao town, covers an area of 20000 square meters.The Du Qiao region in the early 1970 s, began the production, sales of glasses after the rapid development since the reform and opening up,Fake Oakleys has become one of the largest production base of glasses, which backed glasses city in zhejiang province also therefore become one of the four big glasses market in the country.At present, the glasses with a total of 218 stores, 288 booths, manage door 362, annual turnover of 700 million yuan.
Glasses is one of the features of Du Qiao industry, Fake Oakleys for Sale through 30 years of development, formed a design, production, sales, one-stop industrial chain.As one of the four big glasses market, Du Qiao glasses sales trade platform, glasses city in zhejiang province More than 900 drives Du Qiao glasses enterprise's development.Once, however, is the national glasses market, compared with other glasses city now gradually eclipsed by reform and development.Du Qiao glasses now, Fake Oakleys free Shipping not just want to cheap said, more looking forward to the rise of the brand.
The reporter experience
A city "feed" glasses around 400 households electrical contractor
Take glasses city, the reporter did not feel the imaginary busy and busy.Here, however, Cheap Fake Oakleys many shops, wide variety of all kinds of glasses products but also let a person see presbyopia.Myopia glasses, sun glasses, lenses, frames, glasses boxes, glasses cloth...As long as you can think of and glasses products related, can be found here.

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