The BBS around the current severe electricity situation, traditional store had questions to us, how can to electric business strong-arm reaction!Professor in fellow entrepreneurs, experts and retail boss actively explore, the summit drew his answer also.Excelle group chairman Mr Qiao Jingming through their own thinking to think,Knockoff Ray Bans to share with you about the electricity incoming eye stores of thinking innovation ".He points out that only when we get to the Internet, thinking transformation on thought originally entrenched retail point of view, to grasp the market trend, to make electricity enemy and know yourself, and fight!
Kang knight excelle Qiao Jingming
But kang knight, fake Ray Bans best jie gold medal lecturer Xu Naifeng excelle vice President also mentioned: electricity, products must have break!Electricity and cattle, but some of it still can not replace the service, as long as non-standard products and differentiated products perfectly, electricity is helpless...Not only entrepreneurs, professor of experts attending the meeting also talk about their own ideas and opinions, agree that electricity is fierce, but the traditional optical shop still has its own survival!Believe that at this conference together as long as we carry out traditional retail industry, Cheap Knockoff Ray Bans the results of electrical business will have to break.
Kang knight, best jie gold medal lecturer Xu Naifeng excelle vice President
That, of course, the peak BBS let us not only the traditional optical shop has a new development ideas, to glow the new vitality, but also strengthened the glasses industry, communication between entrepreneurs and optometry professor experts, let shandong glasses peak BBS are better promotion;More close ties between the school and enterprise, through such university-enterprise cooperation, let the optometry profession students have the experience, more can adapt to the development of society, Cheap Fake Ray Bans the industry needs;But also strengthened the sponsors to interact with retail stores, for producing and selling enterprises also have a deeper understanding, so as to better contribute to glasses market!

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