993 is a classic, RWB 993 is again on the floor of a classic. This small workshop in Chiba, Japan will play a new Porsche taste new height,, too, that the Japanese had not only play their own cars, Porsche so highly representative of the European car RWB even play than in Europe themselves even better. Air Suspension RWB Porsche body while injecting elements of Japanese and European elements, brings classic Porsche impressive, each able to spread BES shape. This is the essence of profound modification reflects Japanese culture, Japanese super rich imagination and creativity bloom again, but this time they are not good at "imported car" in the field, so exceptionally beautiful, and the formation of this deep RWB Porsche fans loved by the world's exclusive culture.

Co-location with the next cutting fender is very important, which affect the final overall effect, but for the whole year in the busy Mr. Nakai these things is absolutely easy.

In addition to stunning, RWB and Mr. Nakai also gives additional feeling fine. Global has done so more than one car, you must have read Mr. Nakai of the work process on the network. Want to achieve wide-body art quality and content levels, volume manufacturing stereotyped do, RWB accomplishments in this regard in its praise of "one person, one RWB" concept. Before the official start of production of each car, Mr. Nakai will understand the owner's driving habits and tastes, as RWB has always maintained that their Porsche works each has a different soul, Exhaust Manifold born half, giving half the drivers. The RWB's soul is Mr. Nakai hands, after the owner's driving character to have a full understanding, then the whole process will be all, Mr. Central personally done well, here's hand refers to Mr. Nakai hands, and some Simple aids. Even if all of the RWB have exaggerated the front and rear fenders, but you will find details of each car is different, this is Mr. Nakai will be understood by his owner's hands pouring in the car was found.

Finally Mr. Nakai charisma is a lot of people can not resist, and will always be a fluffy hair, that one is always greasy frock, is always the one close to the "I Love RW" sticker Rimowa toolbox, never smoke their hands and always focused expression, born under the rough hands of the most delicate job, one Taiwan 911 elderly so rekindled youth in his hands. People high on Mr. Nakai evaluation, because he was a true intention to do the car, Air Suspension Bag he single-handedly classic Porsche with his own kind of rave culture in the form of spread, and we thank him for the car cultural contribution to make, and we hope more and more domestic RWB type of cultural modified car appeared, after all, is converted to grow and develop cultural heritage.

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