The linear thinkers, those who distrust their intuition, are afraid of their imagination, have traded hope for cynicism - they ask me, "How are a bunch of people marching and chanting and sleeping in the cold in tents, and making signs and trying to shut down a city, or pull their money out of a bank and put it into a credit union, going to make a difference?" They ask me, "What is the plan? What are your stated objectives?" And in their world of limited possibility those are very legitimate and valid questions. But for those of us who tune in and listen to our inner voice - we may not know exactly how this thing is going to play out, but we know we are on the right track. We know that together we cannot fail. Don't listen to your fear and cynicism. When have they ever made your life better? Listen to your inner wisdom. Listen to it now more than ever. Help each other. Support each other.









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