, consumers can easily find the professional NBA basketball shoes in the store, including the Lightning series,

the new store focusing on product serialization, professional segment, consumers can easily find the professional NBA basketball shoes in the store, including the Lightning series, Super Hawk series, Beast series, FIBA series and WTA women's sports series, running series , outdoor products, you can also understand the Olympic closer professional products with high-tech elements will bring the ultimate sports experience. Products into the system a better focus on the interpretation of the Olympic basketball, nike huarache the professional product ideas, but also to the consumer the impression left a coherent, professional brand image. "Pick adhere basketball core positioning, adhere to a strategy, adhere to the two markets (China and overseas markets)

strategy go hand in hand, by increasing R & D efforts and promotion efforts, Pick very confident priority recovery gaining momentum." Xu Zhihua, said. It is understood that the new Winter Olympic sport in 2013 conference and orders will have been launched in this Part, in addition to domestic agents, this order will also usher in the overseas agents and prospective agents from Europe,  converse all star Africa and other places, Pick the pace of internationalization of the market may thus obtained acceleration. Orange herringbone runway leading admission, full multi-sport sports symbols, walking in the above, there is an urge to jump. Shoe Fair "Northface" pavilion blowing a wave of young, casual, happy movement of the wind. As the official national "Fitness --- China" only

designated sports equipment, shoes, Xidelong the pavilion furnished equipment fully reflects the brand comfortable, happy, casual style. Whether beautiful sleek sports runway, or focus on appearance and scene showcase seasonal clothing shoes VP zone, all convey Xidelong advocated fitness philosophy. Three to fitness relying Xidelong will satisfy consumers in their daily lives are most concerned about fitness and lightweight through continuous research and innovation, comfortable, safe and easy with the demand, the introduction of environmental protection, the clouds system,

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