This is something that we 'imported' from facebook.

1. Write a "25 random things about me" and post it as a blog.

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1) I can achieve A’s in calculus, yet have no capacity for mental math. Please work out the tip for me.
2) I’ve supported Amnesty International since 1979.
3) To me, the glass is always half full.
4) I have the best children in the world and love them very much.
5) I am honored and proud to have some of the best people on the planet as my family and friends.
6) I didn’t get my drivers licence til I was 27 and am still afraid to drive.
7) I really do hear the other drummer.
8) I love coffee. Black. Anyday, Anytime.
9) I love language.
10) Humour is important to me.
11) Music is one of the most important things in my life and I’ve always resented not having any talent for it.
12) I can’t bear to see suffering and do nothing – and don’t understand how so many do…
13) I respect all living things, but insects terrify me.
14) It is only because I exercise restraint that I don’t have a house filled with more animals and children.
15) I’ve never travelled outside of North America and am ashamed of it.
16) Saint John was the last place I thought I’d ever live, but it is now truly my home.
17) Although I won’t necessarily let it show, my feelings can sometimes be hurt pretty easily.
18) I’m enraged by injustice and intolerance.
19) I believe we all make a difference.
20) I would rather be alone than live with someone who doesn't love me.
21) My greatest fear is to die alone.
22) Although I’m not treated that way, my mirror still tells me I’m the most awkward, unattractive, unappealing woman in the history of the world.
23) I can’t skate. Or swim. Or dance.
24) I love plants and the colour green.
25) I most always try my best.

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Comment by Wanda Wilson on March 2, 2009 at 12:26am
Thanks David - you're a very kind soul. Thanks for the taking the time to comment. Really great to 'meet' you. :)
Comment by David Gould on March 1, 2009 at 1:31am
Sounds like you should either get a new mirror or start to trust what your family and friends show you. Your sensitive soul towards others and toward animals shows that the important inner things are what really does your presence here in ipeace. Your love of linguistics and calculus shows you probably like onomatopoeia but dislike tautology, like lexicography but avoid the vernacular or certainly the vulgarisms that pass for today's txt spk wrld. A nice list that confirms your profile nicely...good to know you just a little bit better.

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