We are from Kerala the southern state of India. Basically very good in Literacy, but failed to keep social peace and stability.

Attack against Children and Women are dangerously aroused as the years go. Gang rape is common in the society. Police officers, Political leaders and other dignitaries are the culprits now. Last year 3000 women and children are missed from the society. Many become orphans due to many kinds of imbalanced life style.

Abused Wives and Children really common in the society. We need to save our society at any cost. We started an orphanage of 12 children. Now we have to start a Peace Center for abandoned and abused women and children.

FILM MAFIA is one of the reasons for this problem. Many young girls are invited for film shooting. Finally they come to know that, they are not real film people. At last blue film shooting and gang rape would happen. I could save many girls from this agony. Our society thinks the virginity is holiness, if they lose it by mistake or foolishness, finally as family or the girl alone will commit to suicide. Another area is that fake love promises. Especially girls from poor families are the prey for this trick.

Men Promise Falls Love and then they use them for the lust, finally reaching into friends ended up in sex market as captive. Mobile phone is one of the notorious tools for this. Through missed call and secret morphed snaps are used to trap these innocents.

Unemployment is Another Reason. Young girls and women are ended up in trap of fake placement agents who are not registered. They are taken to other states where there are unknown languages. Finally relationships among new unsatisfactory situations are easy to receive falls promises. Government couldn't take steps and arrested many, because of the political influences and money they come out easily. Now this is common.

Alcoholism and Drugs lead families in trouble. Family will be ended up in debts. Here Loan sharks come in picture. These people even make the women in the house as concubines until the husband or father clear the debts. I had to intervene in these issues and save many ladies from the hands of Loan sharks.

A Single Man's Reaction towards the problem is adoption of 12 children in to my house. The new project started that giving Nursing Education for 100 poor girls especially. Education and hope gives lot of helps for wounds of society. The Nursing education starts on coming 9th. It requires huge amount of money. Pls pray with us to the remedial plans for the cure of society.

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Comment by Ana on December 5, 2009 at 8:23pm
Feel so sorry for those circumstances in your Country or Region? Some of the rhings you mentions are now all over. You know... drugs unemployment, mafias, attacks to women... God, God...! Sometimes I do not know how we are still like that being so advanced in so many aspects. Human rights and fundamental things that should be inherited and exercised by humankind are being forgotten and not being taken into account.
Le us pray for help to change ourselves and so change the world too, for the better.
I thank you for offering your frienship.
Comment by BAIJU on September 26, 2009 at 5:21pm

Comment by Clicia Pavan on August 30, 2009 at 4:24pm

Peace, love, hope of Baiju
Comment by BAIJU on August 30, 2009 at 1:51pm
Comment by Bizzy Bender on August 30, 2009 at 1:47pm
they help the boys too. sorry!
Comment by Bizzy Bender on August 30, 2009 at 1:47pm
I am new here but I want to jump in on the sex trafficking issue of young boys and girls. This is a global issue not restricted to any one place but it is more prevalent in the far East. I would highly recommend checking out a organization called LOVE 146 whose sole purpose is to put an end to this practise and help the girls back to a normal life by provided them safe houses etc...
So put your outrage into action and be the change you want to see. Contact these people and offer to do something to help end this horrific thing.
Comment by Messianic2012 - Gordon on August 10, 2009 at 3:08pm
Hello Baiju,your problems can be solved if you contact or join THESE ORGANISATIONS,"Universal Peace Federation","Ambassadors for Peace","Womens Federation for World Peace","ACLC","Religious Youth Service"

Religious Youth Service

http://www.religiousyouthservice.org/projects/details/2009/09_07_25_india.htm Upcoming Projects,India.

Universal Peace Federation - Renewal of United Nations http://www.peacefed.net/about-us/

UPF India,International Day of Families in India

UPF India
November 29, 2006

Dr. L.M Singhvi,UPF Chairman,India

180 Satya Niketan Moti Bagh II New Delhi, 110021 India
Tel: 91-11-26118990, Fax: 91-11-26118991, E-mail: hq@upf-india.org

Reverend Sun Myung Moon's Philosophy of Peace

BAIJU has sent you a message on iPeace

Hi my dearest friend,

I really thank you for your friendship. Let me introduce myself.

I am a Pastor and a Social worker. I am also working with Human Right Council in India.

I got a lovely and beautiful wife. We have three children, eldest one Neham 6 years old and the second one is Meriana 4 year old, the last Joash 1 year. You can see all of them in my photos. They all are doing well. I really thank Jesus for my happiest family.

I am giving my most importance to my family. I believe that the blessing of Jesus begins from family.

We are running an Orphanage with thirteen children so, I got 16 children altogether. It is my desire to get 500 children.

If you have any prayer requests, pls feel free to mention. We are happy to pray for you. My mail id baijusimi@gmail.com. For chat baijusimi@yahoo.com, baijusimi@hotmail.com

Let my Jesus bless you and with pleasant family.

Baiju & Simi.

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WE WILL STAND TOUR,Tribal Chairmen and Elders from many tribes were approached. As a part of the outreach effort a "pow wow" was even held in a sweat lodge.

Native Americans Gayokla Nichi and Saginaw Grant came in from California to help with the preparations as well as the program itself. Originally from Oklahoma, Saginaw has appeared in several movies and is well known throughout America among the Indian tribal leaders.

Both are members of the Soc and Fox Nation.

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Mr. David Mikho


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By Mr. David Mikho, Ambassador for Peace
Comment by Roy Edades on April 19, 2009 at 2:54pm
hello BAIJU, i thank God for your strength and courage to say all these atrocities againts your people.it is also very true in our country the Philippines..the work of satan is gripping too hard on our throats, but we have to thank the Living Lord and God for satan's work will be crushed....i pray for the success of your orphanage and other humanitarian projects u have.. my love to your beautiful family...
Comment by Ruby Steer on April 18, 2009 at 7:27pm
You are not alone in the situation.We in Jamaica is plague with violence against the children and women, they viciously attacked. Violence is schools are rampant. It pains my heart, I think Government are not able to quell this but I believe true christians can make a difference. You may say why I say that,true christians, you have to be conected to God and he must be able to trust you to give himself to you and we can get the desired result we needed. our nation has become a backsliding nation so God is dealing with us. There needs to be a turning around.Which I hope some day we will recognised this.
Comment by Rosa on April 18, 2009 at 9:31am
Hi Baiju
unfortunately this also happens in Brazil in some poor area. Even the families sell their daughters for money because they are hungry. The tv in Brazil have denounced this situation where there is misery, but unfortunately these situations occur. May God bless your efforts to help these children and women. A big hug

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