David how are you, where are you, who are you?

Dear David

long time no hear, see, write....

where are you???

We need you...you are our leader....

hard to follow when the leader isn't around!

Can't you see we need some guidance?

We children need security!!

We need direction, that is for sure!

We all need something here, for some it is enough to write little love notes and post pretty pictures, some have huge huge problems intheir countries, is there nothing that ipeace can do to really solve these things?

Will you surface and show your smiling face again?When? Where? How?

So many questions......

so few answers....

You know I care, I always have.

And I have stuck by you

Some think I am foolish to continually feel closesness to you....

must be the amature psychologist in me, trying to figure you out....

definitely one of my more difficult patients....but good practice for me. The non-comunicators are the more difficult ones, but they DO exist! But how do they think and what are they thinking, we do not know....

There are those (plenty on this site) who will say "let it be, let him be, let everything be!" For me it is a cop-out....for me when there are problems I have to work on them....it is ME.

David....take your hat off and come for a visit here. Or put your hat on and come walk with your ipeace family....

you will never have such a huge family like this one again. Only....where is everyone? Wouldn't you like a family reunion, it takes work though....I thought we all cared, and that you opened up ipeace again for several people especially...as you had written...but where are they?

I have said it all this morning, David. My other blog, and now this. A raptus of some sort...the heat maybe?

Or could it possibly be I feel you are near the computer, here...reading all these things....waiting for an answer.

When you want, we want to hear from you

Pouring out energy and not receiving a response....takes a lot of patience, David. We have learned to have it...from YOU!

Have a good warm day.


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Comment by Stephanie on July 22, 2010 at 12:08pm
Dear ALL
If you have never met a real hippy
If you ever want to have a super hippy friend
Al is a real great hippy, a good soul, a sensitive person, delightfully good company and so....I hereby nominate him
Al, you certainly give all hippies of the world a good name!!
Luvin' u!
Comment by Motorcycle Hippy Al on July 22, 2010 at 11:41am
Stephanie, maybe as he said......
"Because I am out of this meaningless 'peace business'
over and out"
David Califa

Well David, if that is the case, come and join the iPeace Family and help Us become a united Family. "Sure would Love You too, as You created it! and Stephanie, I just Love Your questioning messages. "Keep up the good Peaceful fight"

and David, I so appreciated You starting iPeace, as I have said many times before iPeace made a difference in My Life during troubled times, as I know it has for others. So David, "Please Keep"



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