Pressure Treated Wood Pressure treated wood is pine or fir. It has little or no wood grain markings, so you do not have to try to worry about enhancing the wood grain when you clean or stain a pressure treated deck. Many different companies pressure treat woods with chromate copper arsenic.wood plastic decking material in malaysia Some of the most common brand names for pressure treated wood are Wolmanized, Wolmanized Extra, Life Wood and Osmose.
Cedar and Redwood
Cedar and Redwood are known for their color and beautiful grain structure. If you have a cedar or redwood deck you paid a premium for these woods and will probably want to take extra care to keep the color and enhance the grain structure. Both cedar and redwood have tannin naturally.hollow composite decking for sale It is one of the ingredients that make these woods naturally insect resistant. It also makes unsightly marks in the wood and attacks iron. If high quality galvanized or stainless steel nails were not used in construction, the reaction between tannic acid and iron or steel creates black rust stains wherever there are nail heads. It is very important to remove the tannin and tannic acid stains before staining or sealing the deck.WPC Outdoor decking Floor
Man Made Decking
Plastic and high-polymer decking materials, like E-Z Deck by ZCL Mfg. Canada, Inc., and Brock Deck by Brock Manufacturing are very durable and just about impervious to UV rays. They need no care other than cleaning. Trex by Trex Company and TimberTech by Crane Plastics Company are made from recycled or virgin plastic and hardwood. These composites need only cleaning. However, many gray rapidly. An oxalic acid bath will bring the decking back to its original condition. Once you stain the decking it becomes a high maintenance item,[url=]wood plastic composite cladding board manufacturer[/url] like regular deck woods. I'll describe cleaning, brightening, sealing and staining procedures in detail later on in this book.

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