Congratulations on selecting one of our exceptional wood products for your fencing.waterproof decking board material Despite all the choices on the market today, wood is still the preferred fencing material over vinyl and other options. Wood’s exceptional beauty blends into the environment for a natural look, or may be stained for a custom appearance. Its durability means it will retain its good looks year after year.
Before you start your fencing project, consider these important issues and questions:
What is the main purpose of your fence?
Privacy – create a visual barrier WPC materials for marine application
Enclose – create a physical barrier
Enhance – create a decorative accent
Who will install your fencing?
Have you ever had a fence professionally installed?
What did you like or dislike about your experience?
Before you begin, plan.Wood plastic garden decking board
Sketch your planned fence, showing how it fits in your yard.
Check all local zoning ordinances for fence requirements and restrictions.
Check to see if you have any neighborhood agreements that govern fencing.
Check local ordinances and regulations before building your fence.
Before construction, contact your local utility companies to mark any underground cables and pipelines. In addition, it is a good idea to discuss plans with any neighbors along your proposed fence line.
Design and layout. Determine the number of posts, panels and gates needed to complete the job based on total linear footage. Take into consideration, post, panels and gate widths when determining the total number of each. Adjust layout to accommodate as many full panels as possible. If you must use a partial panel, place it in the farthest rear corner of the property. Locate property boundaries and drive stakes into the ground at corners and ends of fence line.
It is a good idea to check local municipalities for additional property line ordinances. Stretch twine or heavy string between stakes and pull tight to mark layout of fence line. Be sure to measure your fence panels and gates prior to determining the location of the postholes.
Locate post placement in the following order along the string line:
• End/corner posts Wood Plastic Composite Outdoor Flooring
• Gate posts
• Line posts
Installing fences on sloped landscapes. Most yards are relatively level and will allow for a fairly simple installation. If your yard is steeply pitched or very uneven,[url=]Wood plastic composite decking and railing[/url] be sure to allow for the required mounting height of the adjacent panel when setting your posts.

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