Currently, it is fitting season, maybe you turn to dress warm home and get busy. For flooring choice, of course should not be hasty, what kind of tone textures? What kind of material varieties can bring you a trace of warmth it? Or look at the latest fashion ranking: The wood ants. The preferred course, wood ants, black walnut furniture, decorative wood ants floor is nowadays the mainstream, it will even become a distinctive feature of this era. Favored wood ants may be a knock-on effect, but this effect appears to produce foundation or its own inexpensive pool resurface excellent material properties. This wood species particularly adapted to the southern area of ​​climate and environment, involved in all kinds of complaints floor wood ants is almost none. In addition, it presents everyone also fond of diverse color, color of choice, naturally expand consumer groups. Recent price ant wood floor despite the rise, but remained at moderate levels of consumption, continues to be the market leader. Indene eggplant.

Also known as Merbau, the name is more intimate, because it already has a considerable influence. In fact, this wood species has long been widely used in furniture manufacturing, once customary Redwood said, showing it also has impressive material properties. Of course, for consumers, the most important thing is it's cheap, the price of a hundred-something, is the ideal choice for ordinary wage earners enjoy winter home. Jatoba. Today it is also a minor celebrity, the market is very common, with many people, and gradually increased. From a performance perspective, in fact, it is not inferior to wood ants and indene eggplant, but the texture is also very unique, just "oxidation discoloration" obvious. Bowditch beans. We kinda strange to him, but this species has just appeared there is a special attraction, even more than the volume of no less than cost of wpc steps decking once selling traditional "incense two winged beans" and other varieties. Its elegant coffee tones reflecting a gas, is another representative of a style, it is possible to attract informal tradition, the pursuit of novel, modern consumption concept of these people.

Jatoba and Bowditch beans are more suitable for this group. Teak. Wooden king, famous. Of course, compared to sales but could not see how well --- expensive! If you want to reflect the value of the room and extravagance, only a select teak. The world's teak production is very limited, and therefore, although the purchaser is not much, but still tight, it is the wealthy class patent.

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