This morning awoke with a hush in the air,
Carnage before me and chilled standing hair,
Atop this gnarled hill,in the silence I stand,
Machines had come with a mechanical hand,
Gripping and Gnawing,Ripping and Sawing,
Tore up the ground Scraping and Pawing,
Emptyness had come the progress of mans hand,
A Great destruction no tree could withstand,
Hundreds of trees,now nothing but stumps,
I fell to my knees,my heart in the dumps,
As far as you could see,nothing but sky,
All I could see were tears in my eyes,
From the top of the mountain,down to the bottom,
Our forest was gone,What'll we do come Autumn?
How in the world will we raise our own?
Without this forest we've lost our home,
I began to panic,I just had to flee,
What in the world will become of me?
Where is my home and my family?
The Silent destruction was all I could see,
The rape of my forest that once stood before me...


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