My point is that they've probably had the finished game for a while, and I really don't think the limiting factor of the demo's quality is the time it takes for it to go from EA's hands to the xbox/ps stores. AKA they could have sent the demo to them much before gamescom, and even IF they did it after gamescom I still believe it easily could have been a demo of the final build.

Also, it taking 2-3 weeks to manufacture/distribute the discs only proves my point that the game has been done for more than a month (obv), which means that they could easily make a demo of the final build, instead of just "an old gamescom build" as they supposedly have used before. I'm just trying to understand why they would use an old build for the demo, as all things point towards that they don't have to.

RM and Barsa are there because they are the best spanish teams. Same with City-Chelsea and PSG. Sounders, River and Gladbach because their stadium is introduced in FIFA 16. BVB and Inter may be because PES chose Bayern, Roma and Juve for their demo and they wanted a german and an italian team but not the same

yea at first i was completely against it because i wanted ea to put their focus and energy on something more important. But the more excited i got for fifa 16, the more i really wanted to try the womens teams

for those who don't already know, these are the stadiums included in the demo:
Estadio Santiago Bernabéu (Real Madrid)
Stadion im Borussia-Park (Borussia Mönchengladbach)
CenturyLink Field (Seattle Sounders)

settings will be limited to:
halftime lenght: 4 minutes
time: day or night
weather: rain or sunshine

I wish they had an online-mode. So you can play online against other players until the full game is released or so. It's only in that way fut16coin can determine if the game is better or not. Playing kick off is not the same.

I did see that a while back, but I totally forgot about it when I made this post. I think it would make sense if online ones were and offline weren't, given the fact that one can play amateur difficulty and win four games in succession every time.

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