Develop Your "Power Posture"..............................

Develop Your “Power Posture”


Today we are going to talk about Living With POWER. The information we are about to share with you is absolutely critical to your success – not only in Gifting, but in all areas of your life. The results you get in building your Gifting activity will increase 10 fold if you truly understand, and apply, what we are getting ready to talk about.

Please don’t think sharing your Gifting Activity with POWER means you are either rude or abrasive when you are talking with people. All it really means is that you are going to share Gifting from the core belief that you possess the goose that lays the golden egg and you are only willing to share it with the right people.

POWER is an attitude. It is what people hear in your voice, see in your face, or read in your level of confidence. It is what draws people to you and Cash Leveraging. It is your level of belief in this activity and the opportunity we offer anyone. It really boils down to a positive self-esteem, and how you portray yourself.

It’s not enough just to ask people go check out Cash Gifting. You have to have a presence about you that people flock to. Some people have that naturally. Others have to develop it. The good news is that you can! Here are some of the principles.

1) You are looking for people to partner with. People you can develop into leaders – not people you are trying to save. Don’t sit down and come up with a list of people who NEED to generatre cash. Make a different kind of list. Come up with the people who are the most successful people you know – those are your most likely business partners.

Along the way you will want to give Cash Leveraging to everyone else you know – including those who NEED money. It’s not your job to determine who wants to change their life. You just give them a FREE tool to make it happen. Whether they use it or not will be completely up to them!

2) No chasing should go on here. You are sorting – not selling. Even if you’re brand new, your ability to give Cash Leveraging to great people will come from your attitude – from your belief in Cash Gifting.

3) Make sure you and your environment are conducive to your feeling good about yourself. If you feel more powerful and confident if you’re dressed a certain way – dress that way. If you need to look good to feel good – make sure you look good before you get on the phone or go out to talk to people. If you’re on the phone, does it matter if anyone can see you? No. You need to feel good about yourself so that it comes through in your voice and attitude!

4) Perception really is reality. People want to be associated with someone who is a busy, successful business owner. We're not asking you to fake anything here, or lie about how far you are in your business. What we are asking you to do is start seeing yourself as a POWERFUL person right now. If you choose to perceive yourself that way and walk in that POWER, others will see you that way, too!

5) Treat Cash Gifting seriously – other people will treat it the same way. We don’t know anyone who wouldn’t be eager to generate $4000 - $6000 a month. . Once they understand their Cash Generating potential is unlimited, they’ll be even more excited!

6) Your level of confidence will draw people to you. Have confidence in yourself first. Then in Cash Leveraging. You can be a brand new member, but people will still be drawn to your confidence and want to be involved with you. Make sure you truly understand what Cash Leveraging has to offer. That alone will make your confidence skyrocket.

7) There is no need to make this more complicated than it is. Cash Gifting is really a simple activity but you may have to be willing to step out of your comfort zone. And you must be willing to take consistent action – on a daily basis! Plan your day. Plan your week. Then do it. Every day. Every week. Consistently. Your self discipline will give you that confident edge you need. No one else is going to make you do it. Only you can do what it takes.

8) Trea Cash Gifting like a hobby and not much will happen. Treat it like a business, with the respect it deserves and it will create the Financial Freedom you dream of. You have to hold yourself accountable. People can help you, but only you can do what it takes to make you succeed.

9) You learn by doing, and you get good by practicing. You’re allowed to make mistakes and screw ups.

10) Know that people are going to say “no.” Not everyone is as bright and open-minded as you are! Accept it. Be prepared to hear “no” a few times. It won’t kill you. You’ll hear enough people say “yes” to build a great business. And, hey, all those people who are saying “no” are going to stay in the same rut they’re in already. Leave them there, and go find the ones who want to change their lives.

So there you go. You’re not desperate. There are millions of people in this country to talk to. You DO have the goose that lays the golden egg. You have Cash Leveraging – the most phenomenal home-based activity in the country. You have a way for the average person to succeed beyond their wildest dreams. You have a System that is head and shoulders above anything else in the country. Be proud of it! Make sure the people you work with are people you really want to work with!

You have every reason to conduct yourself with pride and POWER. Believe it – and people will flock to you!!

I believe in you!!

M.J. Campanella

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