The United State’s defense budget is 1.449 trillion dollars this year. The rest of the world combined spends another trillion. If only 25% of this were spent on improving living standards that would be nearly
500 billion.

If 25% of the people working on military defense were put to work on ,say, solar cell improvements, desalting water, food growing procedures, etc. there could be some wonderful improvements or discoveries
made. It’s hard to put a value on human creativity. But better life enhancing
inventions than more life killing machines, such as viruses, deadly bacteria,
or toxic chemicals to poison the water.

It now appears that war is a kind of mass paranoia induced by solar activity twice every eleven years, when solar activity is rapidly changing as it ascends to a peak or descends a few years later.

But there is always something that can be done to mitigate the influences of solar activity, especially by large numbers of people. Group consciousness rules.

My plan is to enroll like minded people to design logos, create images and write songs or poems that will catch the hearts and minds of humanity. Individuals
then will think of concrete steps which will eventually bring about disarmament
in every country.

Light hearted contests will be planned that will invite people to contribute art, serious or cartoons, songs with simple catchy tunes, poems and slogans which
will stick in our hearts and minds.

This will be a major product selling campaigns, as all causes have expenses, but focus will remain on disarmament and world peace.

The aim is to create a world wide awareness of the value of disarmament, even the economic value.

The second step will be implementation of education programs for children that will teach cooperation in schools, not competition, that will focus on love and
understanding of others rather than rejection.

Buryl Payne

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Comment by Alyre Pelletier on February 11, 2010 at 11:07pm
Thank you Buryl Payne. I would like to help you with your plan in trying to disarm
in every country.

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