iPeace - the whole world right here, the possibility to say what you want 24 hours a day, say how you feel, and find out about every country in the world and the thoughts of the people in each one. Incredible. Amazing. We are just plain LUCKY! Do we realize just how special this iPeace is? And....are we taking advantage of this opportunity to the best we can? For our good and for the good of the world? Are we missing doing something that could be of greater importance while we are here together? And if so, what is it?

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Comment by Daton O Fullard on January 30, 2009 at 8:47pm
To exercise the rights to recognize and speak freely about what we see and know that is wrong..To always be willing to say what is really on Our mind..This world is a world of constant innovation emotion devotion and motion..Everything fluid as or is Our busy lives can be..We constantly take so very much for granted..Until one day sometimes too late..We come to realize how vigilant we must ever remain..If we challenge not our selves to defend others..whose right to exist is sometimes a price too steep..Or too high for them to pay to be truly free...Then it is our Choice to become their rallying voice

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