I think It's sad that people rely on politicians to do the change for them.. When the change is in within our selves and among eachother not in ONE person!
We are so desperate for change that we put a blind fold on and just wish for the best! And that's exactly what they want you to belive, they know ( and with they I mean the corporations, goverment etc. that ones that rules this world right now) that we want CHANGE... So we listen to the Obamas slogans that has been carefully manipulated for us and walk like little cheeps to the slaughter!

Change, is not to just change from Bombing one country to another!

Change, is not Bombing at all!

Change, is not to go after " Terrorist" at the cost of other people lives.

Change, is the Fact that their are no terrorists!

Change, is not controlling the people more, for their own safety.

Change, is letting people free!

I want Change, do you?

But sadly, that is not what we are going have if we blindly rely on our goverment.
We have been decived, manipulated and robbed of our own freedom by the ones that only wants us to be silent and consume.
They have just changed their Front Man but it's all the same..

So Change..is what we get when realize that Change can only be acomplished if we all Come together with one purpose and that's PEACE.

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Comment by Harinder Pal Singh on April 20, 2009 at 1:41pm
Well you are absoluely right,Change is needed by every person not because they want the right thing to happen,but due to reason that people gets fed up from the ruling party during their ruling session.As it is basic human nature to get change after a prticular period of time.So Change will be effective if change is needed by people for the right things to get happen ie.for the social welfare of people and not for just a change.......Suggestions are welcomed.
Comment by maryse on February 21, 2009 at 2:27pm
Be the change that you want to see happen. You are absolutely right. I think Gandhi had this message! He did the things that he wanted to change and people followed.
Comment by The Truth on January 26, 2009 at 5:35pm

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