Danish and foreign doctors have decided to let seriously wounded Afghan men die of wounds
that coalition soldiers would have treated, according to Jyllands-Posten.

According the report, civilian and military Afghans, who are so badly wounded that it
would have major consequences for their future civilian lives, are given pain killers and
allowed to die.

Stopping treatment
“If an Afghan, for example, has serious internal bleeding or a broken back so that he
would be paralysed from the neck down, we stop treatment,” says the head of Danish medical
services at Kandahar Airfield, Dr. Christian Tollund.

“If it is a Danish or international soldier we continue treatment and send that person
back home. In Denmark people who are confined to a wheelchair have a completely different
set of options. In Afghanistan, there is no social system and in many cases no help for
the wounded – so we take the decision,” he says.

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