somebody needs to draw a picture of peace not a peace sign not a smiley face ,but a real picture of peace i know i can't do it but somebody out there has to ..maybe if these politicions ,warmongers,rocketthrowing,bloodthirsty idiots saw a picture of peace they be able to understand it, words and actions don't seem to have any affect on their desire for world desruction they need to have someone draw them a picture. not angels or trumpets or some space ship from another planet just a picture of peace everybody working together to help the global village. cmon lend a hand it's easy , no time for fighting theirs a village to be built .i can almost picture it somebody help me fill in the drawing then will send it to all the warmongers and they'll understand the mistake they have been making

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Comment by ken on June 14, 2009 at 9:51pm
incase you didn't see it my page is very much about the beach,a place where most people go to relax and recreate.where ever i live there has to be water near by whether it's in florida at the beach or vermont on the lake,it's the uncluttered beauty of the water that does it for many people think that the more you have the better off you i will dream of you on the beach in a t-back bikini with the wind in your hair and the sun setting with all it's glory,the yellows the reds,the blue of the ocean and the green of the ocean
Comment by Soul Food on June 14, 2009 at 1:29pm
Hi Ken,
Have you heard about the idea that what we visualise, the picture we hold in our heart and mind, we draw into our lives? I haven't by any means become an expert at this as you will see from my sad blog post about sexual healing that you responded to. But, in some areas of my life I've begun to create positive change by visualising it as if its already happened. So, after this success I began to wonder if I could help bring about peace and love in the world at large, by imagining what that looked like. Maybe if we all held an idea of what a better world would look like in our minds it would help bring it into being. But, trying to picture this was a very difficult task at first. When I expanded my consciousess to include the world I saw four fifths of the people in poverty, in war. I saw whole villages and nations caught up in beliefs that deny, repress and torment the souls of people. I saw pollution and depletion of the world's resources. I saw nature only viewed as a resource and people largely out of touch with the beauty and soul in the natural world.

So what would the reverse of these things look like? I think to be able to imagine this, its important not to get caught up on 'how we get there from here'. First, we just need to know what that world would look like.

This is just a beginning attempt to visualise a better world, only my own version. The reality, a combination of all our dreams of a better world, would no doubt be much more beautiful than I can imagine now....

People everywhere would have their basic needs met. They would be safe, fed, healthy. Nature and all animals would be revered as the Divinity they are. Everyone would be aware, of the consequences of their actions, and would live from their hearts taking care not to live destructively of the Earth. We would take on the role of caretakers, first, of ourselves. This love for ourselves, nurtured in our education systems, and healthy families, would extend outwards to others and to the planet and all living things. In short, we'd live from our hearts where we saw every other living thing as one with ourselves. We would no more hurt another than we would deliberately stub our own toes. Children would be listened to, respected and nurtured in a way that kept them in touch with their souls. We wouldn't force them to deny their bodies, their souls, by making them sit at a desk and do left brain activities all day. We would nurture their ability to be true to their own impulse, whilst also helping them define healthy boundaries for themselves. Teaching them how to relate to one another healthily, lovingly, how to live from their hearts, would be the primary focus. Loving touch through massage would be a normaly daily activity. Loving their own bodies through dance, movement, exercise, yoga...through teaching them to feel the difference in how they feel when they eat foods that are alive and fresh. Teaching meditation to give children a glimpse into different states of consciousness, and helping them stay connected to their soul selves. Creativity and passion would be nurtured, not stifled. Support would be given to each individual to be their true selves, to discover their innate gifts. Indoctrination of any belief system wouldn't exist. The focus would only be to learn to love in their own unique way. Trusting that the heart has its own 'belief system' unique to each one of us. This can be trusted...people can be trusted if this is nurtured and honoured. We wouldn't have to force anyone to be a certain way through religious or social indoctrination.

I think this world would be more colourful, more musical, more creative, more fun. We would recognise that the soul needs to express itself, and indoctrination, jobs that are routine or mechanical would no longer exist because we'd know the cost to our souls. I think in this world we'd rest more and spend more time in nature. We'd explore inner space. We'd be open to differences and celebrate them.

Oh....there's so much to imagine isn't there.... but this is just a start. and only, my own image.

What would your image be?

PS. Perhaps a way towards this new world, is if we each started to live as much in line with our own vision of what a better world would look like.
Comment by Dave, aka Rhumour on February 16, 2009 at 9:59am
We all visualize things differently, partly through cultural background variations and so on. That perhaps makes one picture to convey the same meaning to all a big ask.

I find it is still hard to convey peaceful attitudes to people in the words of my poems even after 40 years - so many conflicts have arisen and been replaced by others in the headlines before any wounds have healed. Perhaps all we can hope for is to each try to pass on the message in their own best way to as many people as they are able to.

Best wishes
Comment by ken on January 13, 2009 at 6:42am
i really want a wider perception i've been to whole towns that embrace the idea behind i peace when i left and went back to the city is when i relized that they had no need for the hate,anger and the constant frayed nerves
Comment by Carol K on January 8, 2009 at 9:21am
All i can wish for you, myself & the world we live in is Love & Peace

I am that one little picture, just a wee part of it but yet, still.

May you walk in beauty,
Comment by Carol K on January 8, 2009 at 9:19am
A picture of peace, well i cannot draw you one as there is no free hand here, but i can visual one for you and you can think probably the same thing i'm thinking. That sometimes it impossible to make peace if two don't agree or have same desire for life.

My Picture: Two people shaking hands after one has hurt the other and saying i'm sorry. Hugging one another and letting go of hurt feelings that really were nonsense but non the less, still. I can visualize this for you, i wish i can actually do for you but i cannot as you know the world we live in is harsh.

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