Human beings are a complex concoction, a molten mixture of mind, body, spirit, and shadow; a combination of the mental, physical, and spiritual plus all the goop from the dark cellar of our psyches, all coming together to create a fragrant, stinking, steaming sumptuous human stew that is uniquely me, uniquely you. To bring all these elements, and the many elements within these elements, into conscious harmony, to become an integrated self aware human, is no mean feat. It's a life long project that is never done, one that we started 14 billion years ago, and might very well continue after we die. But right now, in this earthbound plane of existence, at this particular time in history, the journey towards consciousness is moving into a whole new level, ready for the quantum leap off the tired old maps of the conquistadors, into the uncharted terrain of new possibility, propelled by the urgency of a planet in deep peril.

This is an exciting time to be awakening from the primordial ooze, a thrilling time to be coming into consciousness, the perfect moment to become awake, aware, alert. We have all been offered an unprecedented opportunity: the chance to help usher in the dawning of a dramatically new era, beyond the age of extinctions into the age of transformation. It's truly happening. Don't be duped by the flying rubble as the old altars collapse in on themselves-it's the last gasp of the setting sun civilization, the fall of Rome, the end of the era of the fat cats, the dominators, the takers, the me me me people.

Take your seat at the table of the new paradigm, the rising sun paradigm, the time of the we we we people, the radiating heart centered planet people, the givers and receivers, the interconnected and independent, the Lovers and the leavers of all that is excess, those who know that happiness comes from connection and creativity, from green growth, from going beyond sustainability to mutually enhancing relationships, the ones who see each other, who see them Selves, who dare to be them Selves-their true Selves. The ones who are no longer waiting for anything-the time is now. The ones who wish upon a star, "may all beings be joyful, creative and free, wild and authentic, surrounded by life in all her abundance, never hungry, never abandoned..." Yes we can, yes we will, nothing must stop us now. There's too much at stake-the fate of the planet is in our hands.

We asked for this responsibility, we signed up for it somewhere on the other side of our original face, we knew we had the resources, the stuff, the soul force, the truth force to rise to this occasion, this incredible honour, to be here in an era that will be looked upon for the next million years as the turning point. This is a time of great extinctions, mass extinctions not seen for 60 million years, since the fall of the dinosaurs, not asteroid borne this time, but human born, and we are the ones who have the chance to say-enough. We will not stand idle. We will not submit to despair and cynicism. We will not succumb to addiction and numbness. We will celebrate this rare, sacred human life and give it all we got, we we people, combining our strengths with the other we people around this trembling globe, opening ourselves to the full possibility of recreating this world, of re-charting the course, of silencing the booming discordance of their obscene weaponry, the Machiavellian machinery, the monstrous make believe world that we have bought into, been bought and sold into, for far too long! Thousands of years of being lied to is too long.

Shatter the illusion, break the chains, open your eyes, your heart, your mind and step into possibility. Break the chains of fear. Break the chains of hate. Break the chains of domination, break the chains of manipulation. We can do this- we do this, moment by moment, one by one, heart by heart, when we choose to Love. Not the love they sing about in their mass produced pop charades-that kind of cheap love is nothing more than re-branded re-cooked leftovers of their corporate machinations, a fractal of their sorry tale of power over - no not that love! We're talking real love here, authentic love, open love, divine human love, true love, free, spacious and unconstricted, the kind of love that wants only what's best for you, and best for me.

The love I'm talking about is a Big Love, always fresh and new, continually recreated moment by moment, not a tired program, not needy and miserly. Not constrained, controlling jealous or mad. It demands nothing-it demands nothing. Love cannot be taken, it can only be given, and received. We we people give love. We we people receive love. We we people Be love. Try it-even a little taste of this love is better than a gallon of that MSG laden aspartame laced too sweet to be true love. Have a little snifter of Fierce Love, if you dare, and you will never be the same. Then take your transformed heart out into the world, and start to be the change you want to see. The world will never be the same.

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Comment by Helene Klodawsky on January 18, 2009 at 7:30pm
words to live by; thank you!
Comment by Antonia on January 18, 2009 at 6:51pm
WOW Velcrow, this is a wonderful place to stay - thank you !!! an enormous wave of love to you and everyone who reads your blog.
Comment by Bruce Schuman on January 18, 2009 at 5:03pm
Thanks. This is a great statement -- like a waving flag of the evolution-revolution. I do feel this push towards "break through" -- towards breaking these chains. This mystery of interconnectivity -- love -- and "bindu", the ray through the center -- there is very powerful connection here. It seems we are all doing this together, driving forward by instinct, following an inner mystic star of guidance. Maybe it is a passing through the eye of the needle, but somehow we are all moving towards that opening, that gateway. Thanks for this voice, this call. There is a tremendous energy here...

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