There is a distinction between a progression and an evolution. Evolution as a theory was developed to consider and understand more fully the nature of adaptation to a given environment. Whether by pale moths surviving in southern counties of Britain where dark moths failed and vice versa in the grimy north country, or by frogs taht change over the course of passage northt o south in Eastern US. In the case of the awakening of conscious identity we may speak of a progression in returning to the One from which each took his or her being. This is not an adaptation. For that occurs at a lower level wherein the individual copes with changing circumstances and ‘trims the sail to suit the wind’. However the theory of evolution is being misapplied and mistaken for any result that is different from and an extension of some former result with the inevitable association that this must mean progress and be a better thing. Yet this meddling mind which riddles and rhymes reason out of the door to absurdity and beyond has lead us to the fearful condition in which we find ourselves. So removed have many become from real values that they mistake wealth for well-being and concern themselves solely with maintaining a secure income at the expense, not only of others around them but of the entire wealth of the planet. At last, possibly too late for some species, some restrictions are being applied to the fishing fleets within the North Sea. Yet fish no longer attain adulthood before they are crushed in nets and thrown back into the ocean as being too small to market, or of the wrong sort of fish for the licence issued to this vessel, or simply because the boat has already taken more than its quota of given species. This is absurd and ultimately, in the sense of finally and completely, destructive. Yet it is supported.
In the same way chemical fertilisers are used that poison both land and the water table beneath it – a water table which feeds the local population with water. Trees are destroyed by the hillside with a total loss of environment through the application of ‘modern farming practices’. These are driven solely by investment return and the strict ‘science’ of book-keeping which determines the least outlay for the highest return is the viable business option. For centuries native populations have lived within forests, on deserts and mountain landscapes and preserved the world for their children. Modern methods do not consider the well-being of future generations but identify well-being as a financial condition.
We demand – so market authorities assure us – more flights and cheaper flights to more destinations. Yet the voice of protest is raised against the expansion of airports around London to be heedlessly disregarded by the authorities invested with the power to make these decisions.
We know that the higher reaches of the atmosphere are rich in Hydrogen and Helium. Since these are ‘lighter than air’ they will inevitably move upwards against the denser oxygen rich lower layers. Yet we know too that oxygen must be present in the higher reaches since birds and other creatures are found there on a regular basis. We know also that Helium and Hydrogen are both highly volatile and when mixed with Oxygen readily ignite to produce water. It is, after all, the very science on which our petrol engines run.
Yet despite this we daily launch airplanes into the atmosphere using highly flammable material. At what point will we realise that we are drawing closer moment by moment to an explosion of fire that will leave the earth without oxygen to breathe and all life forms dependent on it extinguished in a single catastrophe.
Given the option of seeing one’s children grow up or dying with them burnt to a crisp I think there is little doubt which anyone would choose. But these are factors not written into the spreadsheets the accountants so greedily devour.
It is time to stop the madness.

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