Expressing Your Purity

Message from Elohim Astrea
Received by Julie Miller
April 05, 2014



Dear friends, it has always been so much easier for you to take what your external senses are pulling you towards such as words found within your endless supply of books, what is spoken on your radios and television and from all other types of external pressures and media that are available for your learning—and they all come from thoughts that have been expressed many times before, they are not new. Yet it has become easier to accept this way of thinking and behaving from already established ways of living than it is to rattle those thoughts inside your mind and possibly liberate yourself from all the imperfection that has become a part of your living life and return to God, your Fatherly Creator in order to discover truth of who you truly are.


The truth is found when you are fully alive in your flesh covered body during your current incarnation and when you finally come to your authentic truth, you begin to reject the discord and disharmony that has filled your life up to that point with half-truths and where freedom did not reside in your heart. But when you begin to see all the discord and begin living from your heart, you recognize the beautiful simplicity of living a life that is filled with pure thoughts, deeds and words; where your intentions are easily recognized as being pure and love-filled. Learning to change how one sees the world is not any over-night endeavor but a project that can take an insurmountable amount of time. Yet during this time so much is being accomplished from the inside and your relationship with God and other beings of the Divine becomes that much stronger. When you finally have pure and loving thoughts and ideas and you have developed enough strength and persistence to hold those pure and loving thoughts and ideas within your loving heart, you are permitting the Presence of God to breathe His Holy Spirit into you and this becoming One with God becomes your encouragement to continue on the path of thinking and living from the purity of your heart.


When you have allowed your newly found ideas and thoughts to mature through silence and solitude, you have given yourself a great gift to learn what these ideas and thoughts mean to you without any suggestions from your external world, you develop a trust of what you are discovering. You have no need for proving your theories, because it will be your actions, words, thoughts and choices that will exemplify the wisdom of the inner knowledge that you have gained.


There are so many that have lived upon your fine earth that chose to defy the odds to create peace and harmony in the most dismal of places. They willingly gave up their lives to serve humanity in the ways God had created for them. Through these dear souls that willingly and unselfishly gave their lives for the greater good of all people regardless of class or creed brought many great inventions, they brought comfort, and blessings that were felt not just from the people they worked daily with, but were felt by all around this beautiful world. There are many still with you, still spreading God’s love and through their own personal ways, they are also sharing His wisdom, blessing each and every soul those inspiring words touch and brings new depth of feeling into hearts that were closed or uncertain. By taking the words that flow through many of talented inspirational and influential teachers you are allowing the flow of truth and the purity of inspiration to manifest inside your heart…allowing the light that has been dimmed inside your heart to brighten with magnificence giving way for your Christ Self to emerge. Because there are so many people coming forth proclaiming to provide liberation from stale ways of living, it is imperative that you learn to trust in the direction your heart is pointing you towards. Become adept with discernment. Your heart will know the way to the ones that share the ideas of divinity that are consistent, truthful that love and share unconditionally for the benefit of others.


As each day dawns, more and more of you awaken and your consciousness rises into greater heights that will deliver you to new experiences to fit your new found growth and development. There are some dear souls that will take longer to awaken and to develop higher levels of consciousness and that is because the purity of their thoughts and ideas have been under the protection of their ego…the ego feels its duty is to shelter the person from change and freedom that would bring their spiritually underdeveloped person into the comfort of God’s Love and Light. Such individuals are not loved less by God, He knows that every dear soul, every son and daughter will awaken when it is time for them. Awakening cannot be rushed; it happens naturally when you have reached emotional stability and balance of all things that affect your inner and external existence.


The world which you currently live there are two kinds of individuals, there are the dear souls that don’t think for themselves, they follow what has been brainwashed to them over years and years of listening to certain dogma that they believe in. Then there are those dear souls the purposely pursue life persistently with determination to not be like everyone else, they know, believe and feel that they are not meant to be exactly like the next person. They know they are meant to live life uniquely and individually. They don’t have to be spiritual, they just know who they are and they have the emotional maturity to go forward in directions that are awe inspiring, sometimes these dear souls attract negative attention, but the negative attention they may occasionally receive is because they have refused to live a brainwashed sort of life, they have embraced life and they give to others a piece of themselves through the goodness of their heart wherever they go in the way God has intended for them.


Even though we have discussed two types of people that make this fine earthly planet your home, understand my friends that there is another way…a middle way. This way provides a bit more flexibility. It allows you to see clearly what is best for you and provides many opportunities and potential avenues to take that will enrich your life. Learning to bring all your experiences in the purity of light that comes from you beautiful hearts gives way for your own Christ Self to come forth through expression. When expressing the purity of your thoughts and ideas, it well understood that it can take time before harness the power of your inner self and to be a positive effect to others, but it all starts with one day at a time beginning with yourself. The moment you begin to bring positive changes into your own life, you are bringing positive changes to others. Be persistent; learn to persevere any discord or disharmony that may cross your path from those that might oppose your pure, loved filled thoughts and ideas. When you believe in the power, wisdom and love that you derive from expressing from your Christ Self, your goodness will manifest…the goodness and purity of your thoughts and ideas will speak for themselves from the Light of your Heart that you openly demonstrate.


We understand you sometimes entertain thoughts that are not always pure; there are so many distractions that can tempt into discordant ideas and ways. But the moment you choose to live your life from the purity of your heart, through pure and loving thoughts and actions, the layers of disharmony falls away and harmony awakens in its place. Remember my friends that all your actions come from your mind. It is in your mind that your thoughts are formulated. Much of the way you live is the product of the results of your thoughts. Therefore, when your thoughts are pure and genuine, the mind is as well. So if your mind is pure and your thoughts are pure, then it is safe to say that your conduct will also be pure.


Learning to stay still in the mind is a great challenge that inflicts many individuals. Learning to reteach how the mind formulates thoughts and ideas is to your advantage. By allowing your mind to run wherever it wants, peace is harder to reach. But when you are able slow down your mind and allow some of the clutter to fall away, you are able to bring peace and find power from this peace and through your peaceful mind, new thoughts can be formed. You have always had this choice my friends.


By allowing your mind to be at peace and to allow the formation of new thoughts and ideas to manifest from this peaceful and pure energy you are sending this energy throughout your body, giving nourishment to a body that has been deprived for so long. Your body my friends is sacred from the inside out, we encourage you to treat your total self with absolute love; from head-to-toe, from the entirety of your inner self and all that you are makes you who you. Allow your pure thoughts that are good and genuine to manifest into beautiful actions. Discover the beauty of seeing from eyes that have learned to see the beautiful divine in all things, embrace the tender sounds that you hear that thrives and lives all around you. Taste the purity that comes from others that speak heartfelt goodness and purity as well. Let yourself become a receiver of God’s Love and Light, so wherever you go and whoever you come in contact with can feel your goodness and purity just from your gentle touch and thoughtful actions. God moves and flows through each of you through ways that are perfect and unique.


Don’t permit yourself to be overcome with negative thoughts and ideas when they are so cumbersome. Permit your good, positive and pure thoughts and ideas to demonstrate without the use of words that God is definitely alive within you and working through you, His Love and His Light moves through you in all you do. Make new associations if needed in order to surround yourself with comforting support that will help you embrace new experiences, challenges, and joys that will find their way to your path. Turn to God, lean on Him for guidance; His Brilliant Light will shine a way for you to follow. It will take some time to get used to trusting and believing what you discover of your true and authentic self that is filled with purity and goodness of thoughts and ideas. Be consistent and gentle with the love you give to yourself and remember everything you want to see happen through the positive changes you are bringing will happen exactly when they are meant to.


We love you, I love you my friends and it has been a divine pleasure to come forward and deliver my words, my heart to all of you. Today is a blessing and a gift because each of you are thought of in this manner. You are all blessings and each of you are gifts to the world.


I AM Elohim Astrea through Julie Miller 

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