Fake Burberry cashmere Scarf moisture regain

About the jacquard: refers to the strip on the fabric weave or flower is concave and convex decorative pattern.Jacquard and small jacquard, jacquard is flower pattern, Replica Burberry Scarf small jacquard is strip or grid simple geometric patterns.
Yarn-dyed is actually a kind of pure cotton fabrics, cotton is made with different colors of warp and weft, due to the fabric after dyed first, dye permeability is strong,Fake Burberry Scarf good color fastness, and yarn-dyed jacquard collocation is belong to high-end products in the pure cotton fabric,
usually for double strands of yarn dyed, so the thickness of the fabric are good,Fake Burberry cashmere Scarf have qualitative feeling, positive and negative color contrast, so the stereo sense is strong, small shrinkage, not easy fade!But cost a lot of higher than normal, quality than satin jacquard And high-grade fabrics,Burberry Scarf Cheap like cotton and linen fabrics are a lot of young people chase after hold in both hands!Fabric parameters count: count is a way of said, often in "constant weight" (this calculation method is divided into metric count and imperial count two) of the imperial count (S), namely: in male (8.5%), under the condition of moisture regain weight in for a pound of yarn,

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