Why ali glasses danyang glasses city wholesale platform so popular?
It is understood that ali new tian hong optical glasses co., LTD. Investment of large industry wholesale trading platform, to provide the manufacturer and supplier of concentrated in the glasses industry, facing the store had to carry out the online wholesale business platform.The platform is different from general e-commerce sites, the platform set wholesale and retail of two independent platform.Supplier specializing in wholesale platform is glasses glasses buyers and dealers across the country to carry out the wholesale business, Foakleys individual consumers unable to login, and suppliers to each other can't see the other side of the shop goods and price information, absolute secrecy.Retail platform is already registered buyers, can open a retail store in retail system become a distributor, carry out the optometry glasses retail business, consumers can log in.
Ali glasses wholesale platform, enterprise document in all free of charge, provide one-to-one consultation service, the installment payment function, completely keep enterprises offline trading habits, let users really wholesale from offline to online, completely win the customer's preferences, since the launch, trade continues to grow.Can say, see the ali glasses wholesale platform convenient goods to choose goods, transaction security is convenient, is the real solution to the actual demand for enterprise trade B2B electric business platform.When enterprises provide certificates in the platform, from the selected goods, consultation, buy to transportation and after-sale, the whole process, Fake Oakley Sunglasses all can be on the platform to solve, really realize the online trade.
As a kind of decorative color flat lenses, lenses, more and more people begin to use.Recently, reporters learned from the municipal food and drug supervision bureau, Knockoff Oakleys the bureau will be carried out in the city within the scope of decorative color flat lenses (lenses) rectification action.
Focusing on the regulation illegal business "decorative flat color contact lenses and care liquid behavior, law enforcement will be glasses shopping mall for the city, small commodity market, contact lenses business shop, store, shopping mall, school peripheral accessories shops and other places to conduct a comprehensive screening.
City food and drug supervision bureau relevant controller introduces, consumers should wear "lenses", should be to have the qualification of medical equipment management enterprise business license, and confirm the purchased product has obtained the registration certificate of medical equipment, Wholesale Fake Oakleys do not covet is cheap from informal stores or online shops to buy without register products.Is no guarantee the safety and efficacy of these products, easy to wear this kind of product cause complications such as eye inflammation, corneal lesions.

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