single product structure, low level of industry, Foakleys product homogeneity is serious, slow transformation and upgrading, declining competitiveness, environmental protection more debt, unreasonable industrial layout, and poor safety in production foundation problem.
Glasses industry to effectively eliminate the risk of hidden dangers, the transformation and upgrading of linhai city glasses industries, improving the regional environmental quality, Fake Oakley Sunglasses safeguard the environmental rights and interests, promote the glasses industry healthy and sustainable development, linhai city, in accordance with the "to upgrade a batch of, integration into the garden of a batch of, shut out of a batch of" overall train of thought, overall ascension glasses industry regulation and special operation, and strive to resolve all the glasses industry of small scale, poor technology, low grade, heavy pollution and hidden suffering from many problems, Knockoff Oakleys such as optimizing the industrial structure and spatial distribution, promote the massive industry gathered and intensive development, strengthen the comprehensive competitiveness, linhai gradually turned into the national famous production base of glasses, "level up" version of linhai city glasses industry.
The glasses industry regulation in Du Qiao, on a plate, taozhu town for three key, the glasses production, order to suspend production according to the regulation, Wholesale Fake Oakleys transition three kinds of classification regulation measures, of licenses are complete and conform to the requirements of the relevant planning, waste water meet the requirements of nanotubes, health protection distance comply with relevant regulations, "three wastes" emissions standard glasses enterprises implement in-situ remediation to ascend,

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