Ng ve tong said that the march AnQi companies have taken to the development on track, many venture capital firms seek to negotiate investment,Foakleys companies are preparing for the new three board.
Remote diagnosis technology is fair and docking
- 23 held in guangzhou on the 22nd of this month, the first China exchange conference of innovative scientific and technological achievements, gemany AnQi company will bring six vision research products, each product have a patent for invention or utility model patent support behind, Knockoff Oakleys is worthy of the name of scientific and technological achievements.The reporter understands, these products not only scientific and technological content, and the most practical and entertaining.
"Smart swimming glasses" is march AnQi company to the intersection of a new product, this is the first domestic intelligent and accord with human body engineering mechanics face design of glasses.Traditional goggles to prevent leaking, Fake Oakley Sunglasses goggles intraocular pressure to focus on orbit around, launching experience very uncomfortable, the swimmer takes a long time to adapt.
While intelligent swimming glasses are designed to change the status quo, this new type of underwater glasses have unique frame design, and use of new materials, the intraocular pressure evenly spread to eyes, nose and face, Fake Oakley Sunglasses wearing more comfortable.In addition, the "upgrade" of intelligent swimming goggles is embedded in the human body biological technology, through the goggles built-in chip, the swimmer can monitor the heart distance, measure the movement and depth, parents can also through the GPS position the children swimming.

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