Fake Oakley Sunglasses spend a few minutes

In this year's Microsoft BUILD conference, present the highest eyes the future of the product is HoloLens augmented reality glasses,Foakleys although the players can only see from the third person present demonstrates the special effect of HoloLens, demo piece like advertising, however, if in the first perspective to operate there must be a limited perspective.Microsoft now the price of this kind of augmented reality glasses HoloLens is about $400,Knockoff Oakleys but when it will be different prices for businesses and individuals.
Second, Google Cardboard
Virtual glasses looked out from the paper, some of the "poor", Fake Oakley Sunglasses in fact it as early as in 2014, Google developers conference as a gift to send out, including the Cardboard inside Cardboard cartons, double convex lens, magnet, magic stick, rubber band and NFC card stickers etc.Users only need to spend a few minutes to assemble a toy glasses looks very rough, the front of the convex lens left a mobile space.No cell phones it's just a simple 3 d glasses,Wholesale Fake Oakleys but with smart phones can form a virtual reality devices, is the price of this device and only few yuan on TB to decide...
Three, the Oculus Rift

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