Shenzhen new e1000 &e2000 Cadillac, montagut, Chevrolet and other international first-line brand appearance 2015 glasses exhibition in Shanghai, and in this exhibition, will also release the latest custom brand to ME.About the word "tailored", everybody is not strange.In the field of non wear private tailored progress has been very hot, Foakleys but we also stay myopia glasses industry custom sunglasses, diamond cutting and so on a certain category.Industrialized production process frame, lack of consumer involvement, far cannot satisfy the demand.Shenzhen thousands of new services to launch its brand ME in 2015 - a domestic glasses industry era of custom-made.Through color mixing, logo design, brand name and other independent participation link, for consumers to create unique glasses!At the same time the ME glasses digging through differentiation of product after purchase rate, and increase the profit of guest unit price to ensure that the retail store.Both consumers and retailers store, can achieve two-way needs met!
In addition to release ME the brand, its ME brand also marked the 135th anniversary of the birthday.Montagut brand as Paris fashion industry leader, has a long history, with the design of concise romantic, traditional craft, the unique style and popular in the world.In this exhibition,Fake Oakleys montagut tap women demand, to the present a geometric aesthetics on frames, break the limitations of conventional framework, and through stems from a high-end jewelry design and technology of the display Now the modern female intellectual charm, on the basis of frame full of design feeling, more joint face, make women more confident!
Cadillac as excellent men preferred brand in the world, the exhibition on display in the autumn of 2015 the new, on the basis of previous tradition business style, joined the dumb color spray paint,Knockoff Oakley Sunglasses wood paneling and crystal sequins, contracted and attention to detail.Individual styles into the current popular mix-and-match elements, both in color and texture on give a person the feeling of a new leisure.Chevrolet brand insist that makes exclusive fashion of the young people, the exhibition will be derived from South Korea titanium frame, the design of fashionable joker pantone color box type fusion, to create rich and colorful color season, at the same time, the brand sunglasses in basic driving glasses, Cheap Fake Oakleys on the basis of this year to bring us ribbon of color film lens, let the people in the car on the basis of security also can feel tide of color!
Customized brand ME or many the international line, in the Shanghai exhibition, shenzhen new will bring you different experience, high-quality goods museum exhibition in Shanghai 4 4 e22/4 f33, we be there or be square!

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