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MINI visual enhancement technique: a revolutionary intelligent glasses
From: zhejiang enterprise - urban automobile net release date: 2015-04-15 purposes
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In the 2015 Shanghai auto show, once again, Knockoff Oakleys the MINI brand subversive, realize the new breakthrough in the field of intelligent dressing equipment, create unique MINI style of "MINI visual enhancement technique" intelligent eye lens.Using cutting-edge head-up display technology, it will be in the user's view, with the most intuitive way reflects the information of the most appropriate,Fake Oakleys For Sale and not keep out the surrounding scenery.Regardless of the users both inside and outside the car, the glasses can always let the wearer, MINI and be in harmony of the world, with real life seamlessly, provide proper convenience and driving safety.
MINI visual enhancement technique to transport influence extends to every aspect of life,Cheap Replica Oakley sunglasses can provide features include:
Scanning sent to the car, destination function: users outside the car to walk, see the poster of interest or flyer, by intelligent glasses buttons, scan the address and sent to the vehicle navigation system.
Find car boot, and away from the car navigation features: accurate guide users to quickly find parking place;Or go to the final destination from the vehicle parking position.
Head-up display function: get on the bus, Wholesale Replica Oakleys intelligent glasses automatically connected to the vehicle system, the speed and road speed limit, and other important information directly onto the steering wheel over the place.

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