Summer, hot, uv sunglasses can filter parts, thus reducing the senile cataracts,Foakleys macular degeneration and pterygium and other eye disease.But not all old people wear sunglasses.
People with certain eye wear sunglasses are counterproductive, hurt eyes.For example, of patients with primary closed-angle glaucoma who can't wear sunglasses, because it will cause the onset of glaucoma;And with cataracts, such as high myopia and fundus disease cause poor eyesight,Fake Oakleys in order to avoid accident and don't wear sunglasses.But for artificial crystal is placed after cataract surgery, especially the place is the old man of ordinary artificial crystal, because after surgical excision crystal eyes on uv filter function decline, had better wear sunglasses when summer travel.Sunglasses the deeper the color, Knockoff Oakley Sunglasses also the stronger for uv filtering effect.In the strong sunshine place and with the people with eye disease have to wear a sunglasses, you need to choose colours deeper shade sunglasses.However, ride a bike or drive a friend, don't choose a color lenses too deep, so as to avoid discrimination and accident.
In terms of color, green lenses can increase the green light to eyes, make the wearer feel cool and comfortable, suitable for people use eye fatigue;Dark brown lens can filter out a lot of blue light, in the case of air pollution and foggy Wearing effect is good;Gray lenses are the most common,Cheap Fake Oakleys only when you watch the scenery will become dark, not have clear off color, can show the real natural feeling, is suitable for most people.Remind the eye disease patients according to the eye doctor advise best sunglasses.

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