Australia UGG boots popular fashion.Ugly UGG boots proved comfortable more popular than modern, Fuggs created every year 500 million pounds (approximately renminbi 5.27 billion) the huge profits.Its inventor, however, is not people imagination of the super-rich,Fake UGGs 69 - year - old history of Australian shane Dai Man still lived in the south of Sydney in the small town of three-bedroom bungalow, he has lived here for nearly 50 years.There is no history of large amount of pension, no cars a person of extraordinary powers curtilage, Fake UGGs For Sale Dai Man now working 12 hours a day, handmade skateboard in their own small workshops, each year by selling 500 skis for a living.

In 1983, invented and sold this is famous for its comfortable warm sheepskin boots, after 10 years history of Dai Man with only $10000 (about 65000 yuan) sold his invention patent dykes companies in the United States, only ask for free every year 3 pairs of boots, Replica UGG Boots as the inventor of the benefits.Since then, he saw his own invention into a global fashion products.Dai Man history, however, did not regret to miss the great wealth, he said, suits the businessman is not he want life, so that did not do business.

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