Suppose that the little and the big fears
there are in our life, are the doorsteps. The doorsteps of the doors leading to
consciousness. The ancient Gods couldn’t find a better place to hide the utmost
secrets of life than the place where no one is looking, but who want to enter
that door... except for a person striving for realization? Only if you fully
accept the fear, it will work as a key to open the door, but fully accepting
means: Feeling the pain and the load of energy connected with the fear, almost
like facing death ... and maybe that's what's it all about. Death. Death as the
opposite to life, as the ruler of Hades. Facing death is being on the banks of
river Styx, a coin in your hand to pay the ferryman, looking back one last time
to all the friends, all your family, all the beauty of nature and the earth and
being ready to cross. Being ready to leave it all behind, aware of the
consequences, hearing the noises of Hades in your ears. Only one step ahead and
then you've crossed the thin line. The thin line that holds us here... the only
way we think to have influence on life... everything we hold on to, everything
we can touch, everything we can see. Only one step ... and you already see the
shades of the kayak of the ferryman, the kayak to bring you to the other side.
You close your eyes, shaking, confused and then you hear a small sound behind
you. While facing death you turn your head to see what’s coming and the only
thing you see is the paradise in behind you. There you are, at the thin line
between the Hades and Paradise; you’re in the middle and suddenly you realize
this is the option you had all along, in every fear, in every uncertainty, in
every moment of doubt … you always had the choice to see the beauty or the
other side … the fear of being in contact with the deeper you was the same
feeling, the urge or call from within to come to deeper contact … okay, you had
to change your point of view, be vulnerable to deep feelings and you have to
get used to that if no one learned you that. The fear of getting sick is the
same feeling as taking responsibility for your actions, stop smoking, eat less,
slow down in life, living a life in harmony and peace without living the
standards of materialism, the standards of greediness that you learn at school
(economy has to grow, we human are the most civilized on this planet, money is
good) … not living to these standards anymore requires radical change;
accepting the beauty of it all, accepting yourself with all your ‘imperfections’,
looking in that mirror and finally seeing the beauty within … then you look
around you and you see the beauty of the ferryman, see that Hades is just a
place where souls leave their human body behind to grow and evolve, and that
the hell you thought Hades was, was only a concept in mind. The inner child
that talks to you finally can tell you: Grow, grow to the light like you’ve
never grown before …

Always with love and a smile,


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