Feed Your Spirit

by Sonia Choquette, PhD

Before you can begin to recognize the presence of your spirit guides, you must first recognize your own beautiful spirit. When growing up, my mother referred to us as spirits and we the same to her. She’d often ask, “What does your spirit want?” or “What does your spirit say?” in casual conversation. Knowing I was spirit made it much easier to connect with other spirits on this and other planes who could help me. Learning to see yourself as a spirit may be a brand-new concept, but it is the truth of who you are, who we all are. I grew up viewing myself and others as spirit and readily accepted the concept, but the power of that truth was never made as evident as when my eldest daughter, Sonia, was born.

I remember when she first came into the world how totally calm and serene, even Buddha-like she was, immobile and slightly blue. Then, with a powerful surge she took her first breath, and with a tremendous force she suddenly came alive. Her color changed from blue to bright pink, and she let out a wail to let the world know she had arrived. Right there, before my eyes, I witnessed her spirit enter her body and bring her to life with that breath. Ever since, I cannot look at another human being, myself included, without thinking that we, too, had a similar moment. Recognizing that it is your spirit that gives you life helps you appreciate the formidable force that is you.

Though we all share the same eternal breath of life, it manifests differently in each of us and in all things. The best way to connect with your own spirit is to start by recognizing what makes you come alive. Your spirit has its own presence, its own unique vibration that is totally distinct from your personality, which to a large degree is formed as a defensive shield around your spirit. Begin to wonder what your unique spirit is really like.

Getting in touch with your own spirit is the first step in getting in touch with spirit guidance. How would you describe your spirit? Not your mind, not your body, but the eternal, fiery life force called you. Is it gentle? Passionate? Commanding? Tentative? Creative? Shy? Playful? Where in your life do you feel competent? What activities engage you so fully that you lose yourself? What lifts your spirit?

Next, begin noticing what feeds your spirit. By this I mean, what experiences, activities, and energies give you strength, fortify and nourish you at your core, leave you feeling satisfied, content with life, and comfortable in your own skin? What activities, experiences, and energies delight and surprise you, draw you into life, help you embrace life head-on, leaving you at peace within yourself?

Start by paying close attention to your day-to-day life. Recognize the moments when you feel fully engaged and peacefully involved. What are you doing? Focus on activities that leave you with a sense of contentment and satisfaction. Better yet, note when you laugh, feel light-hearted, and weightless in your skin. These are the moments that your spirit is responding to. These are the experiences that open you up to the larger world of spirit guides.

Start raising your sensitivity to your spirit by being very aware of and honest about how you feel. Responding to your spirit and giving it what it needs leaves you feeling satisfied and peaceful.

For some of you, knowing what your spirit needs may be perfectly clear, so go at it and begin to respond. Don’t worry that feeding your spirit will wreak havoc in your life; a little goes a long way when it comes to being sensitive and responsive to your spirit.

If you love nature, for example, a guilt-free walk or run through a park or nature preserve, or a few hours in the garden once a week is all that’s necessary to feed and restore your spirit. The key word here is guilt-free.

If you love shopping and exploring exotic places, a few hours in new neighborhoods, new stores will do the trick. You don’t have to buy or buy much to satisfy your love of adventure. Just enjoy the variety of the outing without excuse or apology for taking time for yourself.

If you have been so disconnected from your spirit that you don’t know where to begin, don’t worry. If you are genuinely open to the idea of reconnecting, with a little exploration you’ll remember.

These exercises are a powerful way to reconnect with your spirit and become sensitive once again to what feeds it. The key is to know there is no correct way to feed your spirit other than to become interested, curious, sensitive, and above all, responsive to what nurtures you at your core. Feeding your spirit on a regular basis helps you become more sensitive to the spirit in all things, which opens the gateway to connecting to and being supported by your spirit guides.

Do you know how to feed your spirit? Try this…

* Listening to uplifting music.
* Singing
* Taking long, luxurious baths filled with scented bath salts.
* Meditating
* Filling your home with fresh flowers and potted plants.
* Doing nothing.
* Taking walks.
* Filling your bedroom with candles and good pillows.
* Reading exotic travel magazines.
* Giving your body a good workout.
* Praying.
* Slowing down in everything you do.
* Laughing


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