Message from Archangel Uriel

Received by Julie Miller
August 20, 2014


When you allow yourself to be enveloped by the sounds, the rhythms and forms of nature, the results can be quite transformative and deeply healing. It is important Dear Hearts to find time, quality time to spend in nature each day. When you give yourself time to be with nature, what you end up experiencing is a vast, divine wonderment of complete existence and you feel this with all your senses. When you’re with nature, you can shift from the chaotic world, from the world your ego has created and move beyond these to the rhythm of the universe at your feet, filling you, connecting you…healing you.


Children are always fascinated with the wonders and connection with the manifestations of nature. They are often in awe by watching a tadpole swimming in the midday sun in a gurgling stream, or watching the birds fly, dip and dive among the trees, or watch the bees buzz from flower to flower. They question about nature, they want to know. As children grow and develop, sometimes what happens dear ones is that life changes so much that as they become adults they forget about nature and about its healing, because they might not have understood their fascination, their connection and wanting to be in nature, they were also being healed by nature.


Your days and life is filled with busyness. It is true for many of you, that you have forgotten the joy found while being in nature, taking your shoes off, feeling the grass or sand beneath your toes. Nature has a lot to offer you besides pretty flowers, majestic trees, and animals and so forth; when you connect with nature, you are connecting to the most natural part of yourself.


It is important to find time each day to direct your attention towards your senses and bring awareness to your five basic senses as well as to the elements that comprise the world around you: space, air, fire, water, and earth. Give time to these senses, to these elements, focus and breathe. Discover the connection between each one and yourself. Relish in the unified, indivisible manifestation of nature, appreciate every experience you have during such times that permits balance and healing to once again emerge.


We encourage each of you to create a meditation routine. Pick a time in your day where you can successfully quiet your mind, and ego within a restful state of awareness, providing yourself the way to enter the kingdom of your soul, where you are able to move beyond thought and form and become formless. As your practice ripens and develops, your level of consciousness will increase and you will be greeted with realistic knowledge that you are definitely an inseparable part of the universe, that your existence is intertwined and necessary. When you recognize this fact Dear Hearts, you finally become more open to healing.


When you wake each day, make an effort to consciously awaken. Instead of just getting up out of bed because the alarm clock just reminded you it is time to rise. Consciously open your eyes, focus on the movement and how it feels to open them, then waken your other senses, giving your attention to each one, and feeling their sensations. Try pretending that you are new to your body and world, and everything that you are feeling is new. Explore the feelings you discover, marvel in them and as you silently witness new observations found from your basic five senses both internally and externally. Have you noticed a feeling, a smell or anything else that you never realized before?


An important aspect of being with nature is actually spending some time in a natural environment. We know many of you live in large cities making this practice difficult. Therefore if you are unable to position yourself in a wooded park or gentle forest then find yourself a comfortable place where you can sit, undisturbed and close your eyes. Envision with your eyes closed that you are slowly strolling through on a path or trail through nearby forest, or that you are sitting beside a brook or stream, dangling your hands in the water’s coolness. Through this exercise try to bring as much detail into the experience. Can you visualize the surroundings, can you feel the healing taking place, and is the rhythm of the naturalness of the setting appreciative? Are you walking, meditating, or just being there with no thought of any destination? During this exercise allow nature to envelop you, to reach to you through the envisioning powers of your mind if you are unable to physically go into a forest or wooded park. Allow nature to take you from your busy world and bring healing into your overwrought emotions, feelings and to renew your energy and verve for life.


Regardless if you are outside allowing nature to transform you or you are visualizing, become more aware of each sense while at the same time focusing on each element we have previously mentioned. Can you see the wind move the leaves on the trees, if at night are you able to see the stars and the moon? If you are near water, are able to notice which direction the current is moving, how fast and if there is rocks or mud at the bottom? When you look down at the earth are you able to recognize the new shoots of grass, see any dry cracks in the earth caused by a lack of water, or how different spots has grown in abundance of wildflowers and tall grass? There is much to see and to focus on besides the sound of your own breathing. Becoming in-touch with your five senses along with the five elements, you become more grounded and through fresh new eyes you appreciate the nature that is thriving around you, you also appreciate just how connected you are to it all and this realization Dear Hearts is enlightening and healing. We have heard many dear souls breathe out…ah… like a deep sigh escaping their lips but this deep sigh is also escaping their stress filled body with gratitude.


A great way to deal with overwrought emotions besides reconnecting with nature, is writing about them. Put down with pen and paper what your feelings are about, jot down where they came from and why. Let your pen flow as you become formless for the few minutes it takes to write what you are feeling. This little exercise provides you a way to clarify what you are feeling through your thoughts and experiences. It is a gentle and considered passive, but better than allowing your emotions to explode and bring harm to others and yourself. From writing your emotions out, you are able to understand from a deeper part of yourself the root of the cause of your upset emotions and finally begin healing.


As you take the time to heal your whole self, including your emotions take the time to observe and witness the effects of your healing on yourself and the world around you. Become aware of the healing effects to your physical body, your personal, inner body and energy. You have a subtle body which consists of your mind, ego and brain power. In addition you have a more casual body which houses your personal, united and universal soul. All these are active aspects that interact with other functions of the world and universe around you. Practice sending healing to all these aspects and observe the changes you have brought by doing so. Understand Dear Hearts, your actions have always had a rippling effect. You can send waves of discontent or you can send waves of healing energy that transmits healing for others to benefit.


Express each day gratitude for your extraordinary existence. Your existence is a privilege. End the petty comparisons and competitiveness on who has what skill, talent or gift. Embrace your own individuality as being beautifully unique and special while appreciating the differences of others. Even though ever dear soul is made different, have different beliefs, ways, likes, dislikes, etc., there is enough similarities to create bonds based on respect, willingness to learn, openness, compassion and of course love.


Make a point Dear Hearts to practice each day opening your eyes and all your other senses as if you were opening each one for the first time. Allow yourself to be surprised by the magical elegance of nature and the expansive universe remembering the importance of your story and place. The music that is playing all around you isn’t just coming from too-loud radios, but from nature herself. There is a deeper story Dear Hearts and you find this story when you stop rushing and slow down. The story your ego has created is superficial. There is a more real and natural story just waiting for you to discover through the healing wonders of nature.


By becoming more thoughtful of your practices it will become much easier for you to realize the important concept of spirit that is alive in all things. The divinity that is within you is within all things. When you can finally recognize this Dear Hearts, then the universal oneness becomes known internally and externally. The healing of your total body and spirit becomes a natural process from the purposeful, mindful actions you have applied with love.


Learn to listen to what nature is telling you. Spend time with her, allow her to bring healing to you and be healed in every aspect that makes you…YOU.


And so it is…


I AM Archangel Uriel through Julie Miller

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