Brazil is located in the tropics, fifa 15 coins during the World Cup, and higher local temperatures, and court personnel intensive, heatstroke, is a real teaser. And because of this, Brazil attached great importance to World Cup Stadium's cooling measures as early as 2012, three-seat World Cup Stadium, including the liyuemalakana refrigeration engineering bidding has started, that is, from then on, an invisible smoke of "fighting" between the world's leading maker of air conditioners.

Eventually, with strong strength, beauty holdings subsidiary of midea carrier joint venture in Latin America (hereinafter "carrier of beauty") as Brazil World Cup Stadium winners in refrigeration engineering. It is understood that this World Cup was conducted in Brazil held 12 of 12 cities golf course, beautiful Kalee had scored a total of 9 seats, including the opening ceremony and the opening match of the Brazil São Paulo, arenas, and the liyuemalakana held its final pitch.

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