Those fantastic football match, dazzling technique are showing the unique charm of competitive sports.While, a bright scenery attracts our attention, those creative interpretation of the celebration is the personality side of athletes .What fun is that almost all of the unique celebrations are copied by EA in FIFA15, which means that when we get goals, you can control the player to make a variety of celebrations according to your preferences.

There is no longer to envy the reality of football passion such as slip kneeling, domineering kick the corner flag and other exciting action. By using a combination of keys, we can easily achieve a variety of celebrations in the real world. Even the Cameroon make the old man jumped to the waist to mimic the action can be vividly demonstrated .

My favorite action is corner kick action to fly the flag, hold LB key + click two times the X key. Of course, don’t need too much intensity, if you kick the corner flag broken might like 2003-04 season 20 Roma home 4 -0 victory over Juventus in the game, like Cassano, get the yellow card.And which is your most like celebration? You want to cast out after scoring it? We can take a look at how to use it now!

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