Guys, I don't know if this is the appropriate section of the forum to post this, but what if we tried to think about new features we'd like to see on the next Pro Clubs? I feel this is the Fifa mode with largest growth potential, since it can be loads of fun when you play together with your friends.

In order to save Fifa coins, my suggestions would be:

Club Customization: team badges different than uniforms (like Ultimate Team), always the same players as the AI players (so you can get familiar with who's your CBs, CDMs, etc);

Player Customization: we could have way more possibilities to edit hair/face/body of the players

Different Cups: again like UT. Paddys tournament on Pro Clubs for example, and why not open the cup window every weekend
Cup fixes: everyone knows that every cup you win, you get the image of your team with the EA Shield... and you actually get matches in the premier cup against opponents in DIV 10 (wtf)

Custom Tactics and the possibility of choose Fut16coin mobille, Team Numbers (for the AI players) and Captain of the Team before the matches
Club Practice Arena - your team could get together against AI or each other (like attack vs defence) and various scenarios, of course it wouldn't count for accomplishments

Well, I'm sure I'm missing a lot of things here, so feel free to make more contributions

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