I had the misfortune of being sent a friend request to this channel on YouTube. I turned it down, of course. Just seeing the titles of his videos told me that this was a channel to spread hate and fear.

I've tried adding people like this to my friend list to try to educate them, but after the vile, ignorant, and hateful attacks, I no longer accept such invitations.

Some of you may criticize me for taking the approach to turn down a friend request from such a channel or individual, but I cannot continue to have my efforts to aid the peacemaking process poisoned by such ignorance and hatred. One look at this channel put a damper on my outlook today that perhaps there is some hope for the world.

Some people would say that I'm limiting free speech by not accepting this person's request. I am not. I am not preventing him from or her from expressing his or her ideas freely. I'm simply exercising my right not to have to listen to it. The person has a right to have his or her viewpoint and to express it, but I don't have to invite it or accept the invitation into my life.

As a constitutional lawyer friend of mine replied:

"I like the idea of a robust exchange of ideas, hearing opinions I do not agree with, etc.

However, at a certain point, it becomes a matter of the kid at the back of the class making fart noises with his armpit.

That kid is going to accuse you of censorship when you tell him to stop. He's going to call you a fascist.

Life's too short to be interrupted by someone making fart noises with his armpit."

Sometimes it's best just to ignore the armpit farters. They just discourage and impede the peace making process.

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