first check whether there are stains on

 be air dried. If you have mold, use a soft cloth or soft brush to wash away the mold and catch up shoe. Otherwise, after the shoe store, mildew can be more serious, in the spread of mold spores into the air, not only pollute the indoor environment, but also endanger human health. Step three: some moisture inside the shoe box collection properly to prevent deformation agent, otherwise the shoes from moisture to grow mold, when wear it again next year, easily lead to diseases such as athlete's foot. To prevent the sandal variants, best brace on his shoes up, put it in a shoe box. Shoe box should be placed away from heat and light shade, nike flyknit lunar 2 womens not squeezed. The shoe box is not enough, try to keep the sandals in a variety of grid, avoid shoe deformation. Experts teach you how to care and maintenance of sandals to extendService life of different cleaning methods is wearing a summer

 sandals, in the store prior to decontamination of uppers and outer soles clean. However, no "one size fits all", for different kinds of sandals to use different cleaning methods. Stains from leather uppers of not wiping with a damp cloth, but also cannot be immersed in water for cleaning, wipe with a soft towel. Otherwise, light paste on the surface of the shoe can easily be wiped off, and the shoes will also harden, deformation. For light leather sandals, use a soft cloth moistened with same color Polish to clean gently, do nike free run not apply too thick, or over a long period can cause chapped upper. Buy cheap shoe Polish is not recommended, it is best to a specialty shoe store for nursing, this keeps the leather soft and moist, not easily deformed. Sandals for smooth, can use a dry cloth to wipe off stains, some shoe Polish. Store suede Sandals before, first check whether there are stains on

the Suede, use fine sandpaper on the stained area gently rubbing, erected decontamination can both keep suede. There is a sludge, soles, also to clean brush dipped in water. Mold moisture dried for several days in front of the store, and sandals must be placed in a cool place, to air dry for several days. Shoes mildewed should be processed in a timely manner, you can put some moisture-proof agent in a shoe box. Otherwise, the shoes once damp, grow mold, wait until next year when worn, vulnerability to diseases such as athlete's foot. Remove mold if left untreated, may also make the more serious shoe mold, mold can spread in the air, not only pollute the indoor environment, but also endanger human health. Proper shoe collection to avoid crushing can buy, or fill in some newspapers in the shoes, and sandals in it. Need to be aware of is that shoe box to be stored away

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