Just a short post to say what a great time I'm having here and what a refreshing change this site is.

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Comment by Tree Thunderchild on November 23, 2008 at 5:05am
Welcome Hasina!
I too am fairly new here, not only in time but in the time I may spend.
I have been to many many places, many sites most were places with many fights.
Here I feel like I am in a garden surrounded by flowers of welcome and smiles and peace,
The more I am here the more safe the peace that is within me comes out, and shines back at those who shine at me.
This is a truly unusual place for me,
I normally go where I am most need,
as in a battle field where much harm is being done,
I battle those doing so, and so far so good,
they in turn come to me asking advice how to restore peace to those who still fight them,
and treat me with respect,
those who attacked me with all they had,
call me "PeaceKeeper"

Yet it is a strange thing for me,
to visit a land inhabited by those I have protected,
used to doing battle, I seek to be gentle to all,
as an eagle among doves wishes no harm to any.

I really like this place,
were all seem to have equal voice,
none trying to drown out the other but assist each other,
in the power of flight :)
Welcome Hasina!

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