I am not and will not go into who is right or wrong on this subject of why iPeace will shut in June but one thing I do see is people claiming to be loving Peaceful People - expressing alot of bitterness and acting in exactly the opposite from what they profess to believe in.

If you wish to try and run a site go ahead try it - offer these people an alternative but please I ask all the negativity and back biting to all to stop - this was not what iPeace was based on and acting in this negative and spiteful manner to David or others is only hurting yourself and holding you back from your own personnel journey.

I have my own thoughts - but they will remain just that my own thoughts - but please i urge the negative spiteful postings to STOP. Its easy to talk the talk lets walk the walkof PEACE LOVE AND FORGIVENESS. Thats all that matters in anything.

Someone once told me its easy to love your friend learning to love your enemy is the hard thing and I believe that is our challenge every day.


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Comment by Deborah J. Boyd on June 9, 2010 at 7:43pm
Life is not about taking sides. In order to obtain Peace on Earth we need to make serious efforts to see things they way others do. I have known David since before the China Olympics when he was promoting a candle for Tibet. That caused some grief too. China saw Tibet as a source of revenue and more land to live on for the huge population they have. Tibet had lived peacefully for a very long time. They were, after all, remote. The Spiritual head of Tibet had to flee the country as the Communists stormed in to take control. The Dalai Lama has been in exile in India ever since. Taiwan became a haven for the people of China that did not appreciate Communism. China wants to assimilate them also. David and I and many other people wish to establish Peace on Earth. To do this we must convince the entire world that all humans are part of the same family. We are co-creators with God and/or the Universe. Developing the Spirit that dwells in each of us is not done in the same way we build a house or bake a cake. We have difficulty accepting the differences within a family unit is difficult much less attempt to grow this understanding to include all people. Collaboration and cooperation require that the participating parties understand that in order to co-exist each must learn to share. No one party has the right to dictate to the other how they should live or where they should live. If people do not like IPeace the way David runs it they are free to go to another site or to start their own site. They are not here for the right reason if they want to change it, control it, or confuse it...for whatever distortion of meaning they may think justifies such action.

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