Galactic Energy Wave

My dear friends, I am moved to share important information with you. We are here to witness a glorious time in the evolution on this planet, not only for Human Beings but all life forms will be affected by this great change coming, and that has indeed already begun.

I am here to bare witness of the Cosmic Truth that will either make us or break us. It is up to you to believe or not, i am just here to share this knowledge with you all and it is up to you what you will do with it.

In the coming months a great energy wave from the center of our galaxy will pass through Earth and all of our solar system. This great energy wave has intelligence and will scan every one down to our bones and souls, and if we are not in a state of love and unity then it can and will possibly destroy us. This energy wave is also affecting the whole galaxy. Why do you think the governments are building under ground bases for survival? Great changes on many levels are unavoidable, but how these changes will affect us and our future on this planet is up to us. We all can help create a more positive and beautiful outcome for all concerned.

This great wave is going to heat up our sun and cause many great Earth changes that will affect all life on this planet. This is our wake up call, we have been warned over and over again to prepare for this great cosmic event, from ancient cultures and their writings, predictions, scientific data, etc. Although, there are those who wish to control the masses and want to deny this Truth and pretend that it is all make believe, but i assure you my friends, that it is real. I can not explain all the scientific data behind this great event, but there are many good videos out there that can explain that end of the spectrum, i am however, more concerned with the spiritual aspect of what is coming and to plead with every one to prepare yourselves on a soul level for this great event.

It is important now more than ever that people on a global level awaken to the cosmic Truth, Divine Truth. We need to encourage ourselves, our loved ones, our neighbors and the world, to be in a place of love and light and unity. The outcome on this planet during this great event depends on us. We can, through our collective consciousness align ourselves with the Great Universal Mind and avoid a great catastrophe if we are aligned in love to this energy. How do we do this? It is rather simple, stop hating and harming ourselves and others. Stop the negativity and raise our awareness and vibrations through prayer, meditation, looking within and practicing unconditional love for all life forms. Every thing is energy, including us, and how we feel and think creates either positive or negative outcomes, and also affects every one and every thing around us.
Take heed dear ones, because our materialistic gains will not save us from this energy wave, it’s purpose and power goes far beyond the material realm, beyond all religious beliefs, so we all should look within and keep moving upward and expanding in awareness/knowledge, love and unity...the Truth and the signs are right in front of our faces and all around us if we can only choose to see it. How will we be perceived when this great energy reaches us? We all still have a little time left to be aware of the Oneness that we are all a part of.

I suggest that we all strive to move to a more unified and loving consciousness during the next few months and raise the positive vibrations within and around us before it is too late. I am sharing this with pure intentions and with a feeling of urgency for the welfare of all life forms. I come to you with this message in a spirit of loving kindness. May we all keep moving upward and outward and expanding our love and light through out the whole galaxy and beyond. Thank you and bless you in your journey of discovery and awakening to these glorious events taking place in our life time...plant your seed of love now and you will see it grow into the most beautiful creation in the near future...I honor and respect your True Selves, blessed be all life now and forever...Peace, Love, & Unity...Faiza

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