Get kids involved. Get kids involved. Get kids involved.

How can WE get KIDS involved HERE?
There are some ideas I would like to share with you. They are only proposals, I don't even know, if the technical equipment and the knowhow HERE allow to realize them. But if some people here like one or some of the ideas, I'm sure, there will be people and a way to realize them. I myself, I'm neither an activist nor a good organizer or manager. But after some weeks BEING IN HERE, I know, that there are really a lot of people being able to do what I can't. In endless dimensions, WE ARE a wonderful ingenious BEING and ACTING.

So, these are some of the ideas, to GET KIDS INVOLVED - HERE and NOW:

On the left side of the front page, there could be a little picture (e.g. a kid's peace-picture) and beneath something title like (kids in iPeace / kid's corner / ... the name "kid's for peace" is already taken by an organisation / group here). By clicking onto the picture or words, another page opens and shows different possibilities, for example:

Pictures often can express more and deeper than words. A lot of people in our world cannot speak or understand a single English word. Words can also create a lot of misunderstandings. Pictures often find their way directly from one heart to another.
There already exist millions of PEACE-PICTURES drawn by children from all over the world. Mostly, they exist in some drawers or they already went into the dust. Some of them hang on the walls in private places, a small number of them is hanging in public spaces like schools or hospitals, a nother small number is sent from one place to another place. For example, one picuture painted by a nearly five year old girl from Germany was sent to Sharon (member of iPeace), sitting in the middle of this so unpeaceful area, the whole world now is talking about with a lot of very questionable words, sitting in a kibbuz, that had to send away all the 120 children for being safe in another area far away... The thoughts and feelings, Sharon left in a comment on my page, was once again a proof of the infinite power, that children often express by painting. And this power is a pure power, a peaceful power, it is the power of love, that opens the child and also the grown-ups to feel and hear the deepest voice, that exists in every human being. In EVERY human being, also within terrorists (it is only covered by very very thick walls of fear and pain and pain and pain). Especially very young children paint spontaniously, just letting out what wants to get out. We grown-ups often have an intention or a purpose, often born out of the mind and not out of the heart or the intuition.
I think, the gallery should also be opened for pictures, that children painted for expressing their feeling with the absence of peace or the presence of war and conflicts. Such pictures are so honest and help the children to let the painful energies flow out of them.
Such a gallery for children's pictures should be clearly organized:
All pictures shown in the same size, below prename, age and place of living of the child (if they like), by clicking we can get to added comments (by the child himself or grown-ups around him, telling something about the background of the picture or the meaning) and other members of iPeace also should be able to comment, if the child likes that. No ranking!

* A GALLERY showing the front page of really helpfull and valuable BOOKS FOR CHILDREN (and grown-ups) concerning PEACE and all the qualities every human being should develop for being able to live peacefully. In any case, this exhibition shoud be sorted by language, if also possible by themes or age-groups. A click should lead to a comment by the person who puts a book in concerning the contents, the question, why it is valuable, and experiences made with this book), Then there shoul be a place for other comments and a ranking (like we have it here already for videos and pictures).


* A COLLECTION of SPOKEN WORDS BY CHILDREN concerning PEACE. I have heard three and four years old children telling just one sentence being full of infinite wisdom.

* A GALLERY showing MOVIES and DOCUMENTARY FILMs FOR CHILDREN. But they really have to be relevant for our theme HERE.

* A GALLERY showing the COVER PICTURES of CDs FOR CHILDREN with a) music / songs and b) stories c ) poems ... or any mixtures (very peaceful / concerning peace)

* A GALLERY showing other MEDIUMS for PEACE-EDUCATION, that parents, teachers, educaters or any other grown-ups can use in any context. There are already very good programs and elements developed and offered all over the world, we can get them via reading and printing it directly from the internet, by downloads or by ordering them via internet and getting them brought to our home. But we must know, what exists.

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Comment by Joy Harmon on April 13, 2009 at 5:29pm
Dear Sweet One: Your focus on the children is so essential. My sense of having "hung out" with kids my whole life is that THEY ARE THE PEACE until we adults teach them differently. They know, feel, sense, enjoy such happiness in their lives, even when there is strife going on all around them. We MUST learn from them again how to be simple, how to be young and free-spirited, how to be truly in Peace, letting go every moment when something doesn't go OUR way. I understand your desire to want the children to participate in this wonderful sharing of so many varieties of our own personal JOY of life---but my experience is that so many of the people on this site ARE acting in delightful child-like ways, not just intellectually, but artistically and musically and jokingly and very lovingly.....I have many child-created pictures and writings that I am happy to share, but I really find the adults conversations so important to bring us back to that place ourselves and NOT think we need to TEACH the children about Peace----THEY KNOW----we also need to know!
You are most precious and you must continue to follow your own heart. I just wanted to tell you that I experience your offerings very lovely and inspiring----sweet and innocent like that of children.
With great Joy....
Comment by Abelia on March 6, 2009 at 2:53am
Thank you Sabine for sharing your ideas. Hugs from Argentina, Abelia
Comment by clu on February 24, 2009 at 1:34pm
Dear Savine:I vote for your ideas!!!!Children are the seeds of Peace !!!May be if we get more involve with children care ,we will rebirth the child we have all inside,the seed of Peace we have inside!!!!
We can ask David Califa to implement a sidebar in the main page of Ipeace ,to let us vote for the different great ideas ppl can provide!Of course in this way we will became a democratic peace community! :)

As i see that your idea is so big,that can take space for another website also,u can make that another website!
there are also another great ideas,here in Ipeace,as bid as yours,like make another huge section with "art gallery on line",and of course the idea of Nature Care!

I see that your idea is so big that can take the space of another website,and also there are another ideas as big as your ,like make an "Art Gallery Online".
So it could be great if you can make your website ,but kipping your assosciation with Ipeace,so this could be like a Solar system.A central body where the ideas are "cooking" ,with discussion forums and Satellite websites !
Comment by Eleni on February 6, 2009 at 3:27am
Hallo Sabine, I have one more idea. It is needed to explain to the children that we have to respect animals cause they are not ours to be killed or exploited. And we will be helping our planet too! Humans and non-humans are very connected... Please read my page.
Comment by ♥Peace+World~Unity~Angel♥ on January 26, 2009 at 6:21pm

Wolfgang Baron von Hildebrandt is in my friends circle, also on my homepage in top 40 at
pls. connect and support him for what he is doing for our children - namaste, irene
Comment by Eau Douce on January 9, 2009 at 10:04am

Comment by Eau Douce on January 9, 2009 at 10:02am
aloha Sabine
Thank you for your feedback.
As I see we have the same purpose and we can play more together.
Have you seen my video CHA for Collective Heroic Activation?
it is a must for the Children to see They are ready for Universal Wisdom
don't you think?

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