Most people will feel modified their car is a complex matter, I do not understand either the principle of auto mechanics, but also understand what is manipulation, even such data even braking distance are blurred, "100-0 only 40 meters? "Ever since, modified cars or modified parts often because such" fuzzy "and" do not know ", Turbocharger by many owners mistakenly believe is a" show off their wealth "or" kids stuff ", of course, there is also love this idea There may be original, after all, Chinese people's awareness of the car was only established two decades or so, as the modified car standard variety of negative information also inevitable. However, it is very safe to say that conversion is a technology, just as you are using a single-core CPU (the original car) when the modification is double stars + multithreading technologies.

Learn modification, especially modifications appropriate for me to understand this car usually used to work, his wife and children in the car, pick-up is very simple, in addition to look outside invincible network (hard-wide), you must also identify the genuine, the courage to try. The so-called "identify genuine", the first, modified brand, turbo suppliers uk as long as you get this brand, as long as genuine, generally has been widely recognized, and the excellent quality products, the production quality is higher than the original parts one cut; Secondly, the "adventurous" means each series of each brand has its own specific features different product groups, such as brake pads, some are for the track, some streets shall limit temperature will be higher or lower, And this argument is for different driving habits and specially formulated, so come back to buy a product, you want to find out for themselves, in fact, is to go through trial and error, this process does have to pay a certain amount of money for the price, but the author We can come to a person's identity to tell you that this process is full of fun, but also let my relationship with the car is more harmonious.

The invincible to the editorial department for evaluation of the product is produced HAWK Performance STREET 5.0 high-performance brake pads, the corresponding model is the third generation Fit FIT (GK5). aftermarket turbo Brake pads are an important part of the braking system, it is part of automotive active safety systems. Then ourselves to give, until after the run-in period over, I will use the time P-BOX were admitted braking distance, G-Force and other parameters and the original brake skin for comparison testing.

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