Dear Everyone
I had a good christmas overall. I got to go skiing with my family and spend some valuable time with them. I got some wonderful gifts, including an electric acoustic guitar. I also got money which I bought two pagan books with, a cd of Live and Celtic Woman on DVD in concert. I got a nice calendar, but most importantly, I stayed sober. My parents drink but they control it, but its still uncomfortable, even though I would never trade my five, almost six years of sobriety for a day of drinking. I just have soda instead.
I've been chatting online with Alan my new gay pagan friend from Maine. He's joined the pagan group I am forming, and we celebrated Winter Solstice online which was fun. He said it brought us closer together which I agree with. I composed a new song on my acoustic electric and will record it sometime soon. It's called Complain About The Weather. It's a fun, humorous song about people who always seem to complain and blame everything on the weather.

In Love and Light

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